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RCEP - Services - NZ initial sectoral request lists (Oct 2015)
Requests to Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam, dated October 2015
RCEP - trade in services chapter: proposal for a ratchet (August 2015)
1 page proposal by Australia, Korea & New Zealand as of 4 August 2015.
RCEP - trade in services chapter: summary of 9th round of negotiations (August 2015)
Minutes of services chapter negotiations at the 9th RCEP negotiating round (August 2015)
RCEP - trade in services chapter: positions on value-add elements (August 2015)
ASEAN versus other RCEP country positions on value-add elements in RCEP services chapter
RCEP - draft e-commerce chapter terms of reference (February 2015)
RCEP draft e-commerce chapter terms of reference
The leaks go on: before another secret round of negotiations on the proposed “trade in services agreement (TiSA)”
The annexes would restrict the job-stimulating localization requirements; restrict how governments and professional associations regulate market access; affect notably the global Internet community of users and innovators.
Four impact studies of the West Africa EPA that the EU Commission does not want you to see has received four impact studies concerning the EU-West Africa EPA and requested Jacques Berthelot to provide a comment on them.
Why releasing text isn’t enough: behind the scenes of TTIP
As welcome as the leak is, it doesn’t fix these systemic flaws in the process of negotiating trade agreements such as TTIP and the TPP.
Leaked TTIP documents cast doubt on EU-US trade deal
Greenpeace says internal documents show US attempts to lower or circumvent EU protection for environment and public health.
RCEP - draft IP chapter (15 Oct 2015 version)
As published by KEI
RCEP - draft chapter on investment (Oct 2015)
As leaked on RCEP Legal