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EU-Mercosur deal breaches climate laws - new legal analysis
A new legal analysis shows that the EU-Mercosur would not comply with existing EU and international law, because it is expected to lead to an overall rise in greenhouse gas emissions and increased deforestation.
EU-Mercosur unlikely to be finalised before the EU elections
It is highly unlikely that the hotly-contested EU-Mercosur free trade agreement will be concluded before the EU elections in June, French and German MPs familiar with the matter said.
Spain suggests simplifying CAP, strengthening Mercosur ‘mirror clauses’
Spain will present a proposal to strengthen mirror clauses in free trade agreements, such as the EU-Mercosur deal.
EU: conditions to complete Mercosur trade deal not met yet
The Commission assessment is that the conditions for the conclusion of the Mercosur agreement are not met but negotiations on the deal are continuing.
EU-Latin America trade deal cannot be approved in current form, says Varadkar
The deal has been in negotiations for two decades, and supporters had hoped the agreement with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay could be concluded after new environmental protections were sought.
ECVC demands from Place du Luxembourg, Brussels: End free trade agreements and ensure fair prices for farmers
Hundreds of farmers from European Coordination Via Campesina have assembled with their tractors in Place du Luxembourg, Brussels, alongside more than 30 civil society organisations to call for an end to the EU-Mercosur deal and other free trade agreements.
The time is right to finally drop the EU-Mercosur deal
Friends of the Earth Europe, Eurogroup for Animals and the European Trade Justice Coalition (ETJC) share European farmers’ frustration over having to compete with imported products exempt from the EU environmental, labour and animal welfare standards.
Cars v cows: German automakers call to split EU-Mercosur deal to bypass French ‘non’
The EU-Mercosur trade agreement should be split into two distinctive parts to circumvent French resistance based on agricultural issues, the German car industry has proposed, in a bid to boost export markets other than China.
EU-Mercosur trade talks still alive, Brussels says in rebuke to France’s Macron
The European Commission assured that talks on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement continue after a French official claimed President Emmanuel Macron had convinced the bloc’s executive to bury the deal.
France says EU Commission to end trade deal talks with Mercosur countries
French President has told the European Commission that it was impossible to conclude trade deal negotiations with South America’s Mercosur bloc and understands the EU has put an end to the talks, his office said.
EU foreign policy chief warns agricultural crisis may block Mercosur trade deal
The crisis affecting the agricultural sector in many countries of the European Union could be an “obstacle” to the approval of the free trade agreement with Mercosur, as suggested by the EU head of diplomacy, Josep Borrell.
France ’opposes signing’ of EU-Mercosur trade deal, says prime minister
French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal says President Emmanuel Macron "has always opposed" the free-trade deal negotiated between the European Union and the Mercosur trade bloc.
Rejection of free trade agreements and the demand for a decent income at the heart of farmers’ mobilizations in Europe
We demand an immediate end to negotiations on the FTA with MERCOSUR countries and a moratorium on all other FTAs currently being negotiated.
Mercosur still hoping to finalise free-trade deal with European Union
Mercosur will try to finalise its long-delayed trade agreement with the European Union as soon as possible, the bloc’s foreign ministers said in a joint statement after meeting in Asunción.
A climate-denier Milei and a hypocritical EU-Mercosur pact
In the rush to finalise the controversial EU-Mercosur trade deal before the European elections in June this year, its promoters appear willing to shake hands with Argentina’s new far-right president, Javier Milei — a known climate change denier.
Japan eyes Latin America for mega-FTA to secure minerals, food security
Japan is gearing up to enhance its economic ties with Central and South America in 2024 by pursuing an Economic Partnership Agreement deal with the Southern Common Market known as Mercosur.
EU urged to conclude Mercosur trade talks amid environmental concerns
A total of 23 trade bodies have called for the swift approval of the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement, which will make it easier to export EU agri-food products including key dairy commodities to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and vice versa.
Brazil’s Lula, Japan’s Kishida discuss potential Mercosur trade deal
Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva discussed with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida a potential trade deal between Japan and South American bloc Mercosur, the Brazilian government said.
The EU-Mercosur deal would be a setback for people and planet – let’s put it in the past
Time to call off this deal. Free-traders have been pushing desperately but the mobilisation for the environment and social rights has worked and the Commission has been unable to sign the deal this autumn.
Scholz, Milei in favour of a swift conclusion to EU-Mercosur deal
President Javier Milei spoke with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, with the two calling for a swift conclusion to the European Union-Mercosur trade deal.