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Mercosur reply on EU trade to be ready in September, Brazil minister tells farm caucus
South American trade bloc Mercosur will have its counterproposal to a European Union addendum to their long-overdue trade accord ready in September, Brazil’s Foreign Minister said.
“Substance over deadline”: EU not in hurry to sign FTA with India
The signing of the free trade agreement between India and Europe might take a while as a senior European Union official said in the EU, its “substance” matters more than a deadline and further discussion is needed.
India UK bilateral investment treaty likely to be finalised soon, to differ from 2016 model
As India and the UK inch closer towards finalising a free trade agreement, the contours of the much-debated and contentious bilateral investment treaty are likely to be finalised around the same time as the FTA.
Australia wants EU investment in critical minerals, but first a free trade agreement
Australia’s Trade Minister has dangled easier access to the country’s vast critical minerals sector as part of negotiations over a free trade agreement with the European Union ahead of possible further talks.
Indonesia spotlights importance of trade equality, fairness to the EU
Indonesia stressed the importance of upholding the principles of equality and fairness in free trade to the European Union (EU) during the ASEAN-EU Economic Ministers’ Consultative Meeting.
Lula accuses the EU of disguising protectionist measures as environmental concern
The Brazilian president delivered a message to industrialized nations at a climate summit in Belém, arguing they should ‘pay their part so we can revive part of what was ruined’
EU and the Philippines to start scoping exercise for a free trade agreement
The EU and the Philippines will shortly kick off a bilateral ‘scoping process’ to assess to which extent they share a mutual understanding on the future FTA.
Indonesia sees opening to conclude long-awaited trade deal with EU
The formation of a joint task force on the European Union’s anti-deforestation law gave Indonesia some hope that it would be able to conclude its overdue trade deal with the 27-member bloc, according to a senior minister.
Intra-EU investor-State ICSID arbitration: the German Federal Court of Justice’s new inadmissibility ruling
On 27 July 2023, the German Federal Court of Justice (German FCJ) declared three intra-EU investor-State ICSID arbitrations inadmissible under German arbitration law given their incompatibility with EU law.
EU, Philippines FTA talks completed by yearend
The scoping discussions for the Philippines-European Union (EU) free trade agreement (FTA) will start next month and are expected to be concluded by the end of the year.
EU trade deals risk affordability of generic medicines for Global South
The disproportionate intellectual property protections the bloc proposes could threaten the affordability of generics that countries like India and Indonesia export to poorer nations.
RWE’s arbitration case against Dutch state over coal ban inadmissible under EU law
Dutch taxpayers have already incurred € 5.4 million in arbitration costs in RWE and Uniper cases.
New successor agreement to Cotonou accord to be signed in ’coming months’
A new accord will be officially signed in "the coming months" by the European Union (EU) and the 79-member Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), it has been officially announced.
Morocco and Western Sahara: A new conflict brewing?
With Israel recognizing Western Sahara as part of the Moroccan kingdom and a contentious fishing agreement between Morocco and the EU expiring, tensions are intensifying between the Polisario Front, Morocco and Algeria.
Polisario blocks agreements between the EU and Morocco
The Polisario Front announces that the fishing agreement between the European Union (EU) and Morocco, which has recently expired, must respect the sovereignty of the Saharawi territories before its reactivation.
EU-Kenya deal paints gloomy picture for EAC trade ties
Due to Kenya’s economic partnership agreement with the EU, it will be difficult for Uganda to differentiate similar goods coming from Kenya, from those manufactured in the EU.
EU and Singapore open negotiations on digital trade agreement
The agreement will have legally binding rules and provisions that give certainty to end-to-end trade, facilitate trusted data flows and promote a connected and secure digital environment.
EU-Mercosur trade deal: Clashes over agriculture, sustainability persist
At the margins of the EU-CELAC summit, EU and South American leaders reiterated their ambition to finalise an agreement by the end of 2023, though sustainability and agricultural market access concerns continue to pose challenges.
Brazil’s Lula to issue counter-proposal on Mercosur trade deal in 2-3 weeks
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva will send the European Union a counter-proposal on the long-delayed trade deal with the South American bloc Mercosur in the coming two or three weeks.
EU-Morocco fisheries deal stuck pending court decision on self-determination claim
A long-standing multi-million euro fisheries deal between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco expired on Monday (17 July) due to a dispute over its legality and the inclusion of Western Sahara’s representatives in the negotiations, pending a decision from the EU’s highest court.