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Cairn Energy’s retro tax arbitration award delayed
Cairn Energy said it expects the long-running arbitration process against the Indian authorities over retrospective taxation to be concluded before late 2019.
US ambassador defends farming record on chicken and beef
The UK should accept American meat as part of a post-Brexit trade deal, says US ambassador to the UK .
Concern over food safety as US seeks greater access to UK markets
US sets out aims for post-Brexit trade deal amid fears about chicken and beef standards.
US-UK FTA: Summary of specific negotiating objectives (US, Feb 2019)
As released by the Office of the US Trade Representative
Revealed: How dark money is winning ‘the Brexit influencing game’
Documents show the “unfettered” access to ministers and senior politicians enjoyed by secretive think tanks that are “marching the country” to a no-deal Brexit and radical free-trade deals.
We cannot allow Liam Fox’s post-Brexit trade plans to go unscrutinised
Trade deals containing clauses that threaten human rights are being debated in parliament – they must be defeated
Much to fear from post-Brexit trade deals with ISDS mechanisms
Investor-state dispute settlement is a threat to human rights, health and the environment, say representatives of trade unions, charities and faith groups.
Japan seeking big concessions from Britain in trade talks
Japan is seeking tougher concessions from Britain in trade talks than it secured from the EU, while negotiations between London and Tokyo are also being slowed by the looming risk of no-deal Brexit.
Update on the negotiations of a rollover Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) and Mozambique and the United Kingdom (UK)
To avoid trade disruption, SACU+Mozambique and UK have decided to roll-over the EPA into a standalone trade agreement with the UK.
UK, East and Southern Africa sign trade deal
The UK-Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Trade Continuity Agreement is meant to replicate the Economic Partnership Agreement that the East African Community is yet to sign with the European Union.
SA-UK post-Brexit deal just about finalised
SA’s negotiations with the UK to ensure that a trade agreement is in place in the event that it exits the EU without a deal is 99% complete, trade and industry director-general Lionel October said.
Liam Fox rushing through Brexit trade deals would mean bypassing democracy
Although they will affect huge areas of society, many of these ’rollover’ deals would pass through parliament without any debate or vote.
UK signs post-Brexit trade deal with Switzerland
The "continuity agreement" - based on the EU’s existing free trade deal with Switzerland - was agreed in December but ratified on Monday.
Here’s what US lobbyists want Donald Trump to get from a post-Brexit trade deal
Big firms want Donald Trump to play hard ball over the NHS, food quality and consumer rights.
UK eyes free trade agreement with GCC countries in future, UK Minister tells WAM
UK Secretary of State for International Trade, has said that the UK enjoys strong trading relations with GCC countries and is looking forward to have a free trade agreement with the bloc in the right time.
Faroe Islands and UK ink free trade agreement
The Faroe Islands and the United Kingdom have signed a free trade agreement to ensure that trade between the countries continues after Britain’s departure from the European Union.
Israel, UK conclude post-Brexit trade deal in Davos
British and Israeli ministers have agreed on an “in principle” post-Brexit trade agreement at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
Foley Hoag wins arbitration for Venezuela, obtaining dismissal of $400M claim
Anglo American loses $400 million claim against Venezuela over an expropriated ferronickel processing facility.
Brexit: How many trade deals has the UK done?
As a European Union member, the UK is part of about 40 trade agreements which the union has with more than 70 countries. If the UK leaves the EU in a no-deal Brexit on 29 March, it will immediately lose these deals.
Trade minister Fox to use Davos trip to discuss replicating EU agreements
UK Trade minister hopes to replicate around 40 EU free trade agreements with third countries by the time Britain leaves the bloc but the Financial Times reported that none would be ready by the end of March.