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EAC set to negotiate trade agreements with UK, UAE after EPA flops
At least seven countries have requested free trade arrangements with the East. African Community (EAC), as the bloc also intensifies efforts to expand the markets for its products.
How people power forced the UK to leave the Energy Charter Treaty
On 22 February 2024 the UK announced it will leave the climate-wrecking Energy Charter Treaty.
UK Lawmakers Slam ‘Lack of Clarity’ on Major Trade Deal Benefits
British lawmakers said the benefits of the UK’s accession to a major trans-Pacific trading bloc are unclear
Environmental groups say government’s plans breach free trade agreement
A coalition of environment groups says New Zealand is breaching its free trade deal with the United Kingdom by rolling back environmental laws.
Nigeria, UK to sign enhanced trade investment partnership agreement on Tuesday
Governments of Nigeria and the United Kingdom will, on Tuesday, sign the Enhanced Trade Investment Partnership (ETIP) Agreement to not just boost its trade volume but also reduce market access and regulatory barriers discouraging people from investing in either of both nations.
New patent rules in India-UK trade agreement will prioritise pharmaceutical profit over public health
The “TRIPS-Plus” provisions in the India-UK Agreement are a dangerous attempt to increase the power of pharmaceutical companies by placing profits before public health.
Parliamentary Panel calls for FTA recalibration to optimise trade balances
A parliamentary panel urges the Indian government to reassess existing FTAs amid negotiations with the UK and the EU to address trade imbalances. The panel recommends the establishment of FTA facilitation centers for exporters to enhance accessibility and transparency.
UK walks away from trade talks with Canada
Sticking points include how much access UK producers should have to the Canadian cheese market and harmonisation of food standards.
Kenya blushes as EAC-EU trade agreements clash
Kenya’s recently completed trade deals have run into stormy waters after Nairobi applied higher import duties on whiskies and wines from the United Kingdom and the European Union (EA) respectively, two jurisdictions with which it signed Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA).
Singapore ratifies UK’s accession to transpacific free trade pact
Singapore has formally approved the United Kingdom’s accession to the CPTPP, marking it as the second current member to endorse the UK’s membership following Japan’s approval last year.
S. Korea, Britain launch talks to improve bilateral FTA
South Korea has launched the first round of talks with Britain to discuss ways to improve their bilateral free trade agreement.
Letter: Civil society calls on UK Prime Minister to ensure UK-India free trade agreement does not threaten access to affordable medicines
MSF and over 50 UK-based civil society organisations and individuals sent this open letter to United Kingdom Prime Minister, urging him to commit that the UK-India Free Trade Agreement will not gut the public health safeguards that are in India’s intellectual property laws.
Majority of India-UK FTA issues either closed or at advanced stage of talks: Official
The discussions on the majority of policy areas in the free trade agreement (FTA) with the UK have either been closed or are in an advanced stage of negotiation.
TUC and unions in Turkey call for trade talks to be suspended
The TUC and our sister trade union confederations in Türkiye KESK and DISK issued a statement in January 2021 calling for the UK-Türkiye trade agreement signed in 2020 to be suspended due to abuses of labour and human rights in Türkiye.
India-UK FTA: Next round of talks for free trade agreement from Wednesday
These negotiations would focus on complex issues in the areas of goods, services, and investment. Issues that are pending include duty cuts on electric vehicles, whiskey, and the movement of professionals.
Towards ambitious FTAs: A major barrier for broader
India is currently negotiating ambitious free trade agreements with the UK, EU, and Oman, and expanding economic cooperation with Australia. These agreements aim for a higher level of ambition, focusing on tariff reductions for selected items while excluding more sensitive areas.
British minister heads to Turkey ahead of start of trade talks
Britain’s trade minister will meet her Turkish counterpart in Istanbul to discuss closer ties, ahead of the expected launch of negotiations on a new free trade deal later this year.
A roundup of free trade deals the UK signed in 2023
While work is still underway on securing deals with the USA and India, among others, in 2023, the Australia and New Zealand deals took effect, the UK signed up to the CPTPP agreement.
Britain and Switzerland agree wide-ranging financial services trade deal
Britain and Switzerland signed a wide-ranging financial services deal granting reciprocal market access for their banks, insurers, asset managers and stock exchanges to boost trade and cut compliance costs.
Joe Biden signals he has no interest in signing US-UK trade agreement
Ministers have given up on signing a trade agreement with the US before the next election, after the Biden administration signalled it had no interest in agreeing one.