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Mexico must address US’ ’serious concerns’ over energy measures, USTR says
A US trade official stressed Mexico’s need to address "serious concerns" from the United States of its energy measures, which were raised during consultations under a regional trade pact, the US Trade Representative’s office said.
US politicians push for Latin America to be added to CUSMA
A bipartisan duo of US senators is leading a growing push to open up the continent’s “gold standard” trade agreement to include parts of Latin America in order to build a better bulwark against China’s geopolitical might.
United States and Africa: increased engagement regarding trade creating opportunities in the African free trade area
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed in December 2022, between the United States (US) trade representative and the AfCFTA Secretariat at the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit (Summit) in Washington DC.
Preliminary summary comments on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) Supply Chain text (Pillar 2)
This text deals with the focus of IPEF, which is to reduce supply chain dependence on China and to create alternative networks of supply chains and prevent disruptions.
IPEF agreement on supply chain resilience (Sep 2023)
US and Thailand hold Trade and Investment Framework Agreement joint council meeting
The United States and Thailand met under the US-Thailand Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA).
The global economy’s real enemy is geopolitics, not protectionism
What was called ‘free trade’ in the West was only a phase of hyper-globalization that didn’t work equally well for all, while recent inward turns can be taken as a rebalancing of priorities.
S. Korea files for cancellation of int’l tribunal’s compensation order in Lone Star case
The South Korean government filed an appeal seeking to cancel an international tribunal’s order to pay compensation to American private equity firm Lone Star Funds with the firm’s sell-off of the now-defunct Korea Exchange Bank.
Biden is turning away from free trade – and that’s a great thing
Trade deals have brought cheaper goods. They’ve also destroyed millions of US jobs and caused US wages to stagnate.
Joint statement of the United States-Mongolia Trade and Investment Council
The United States and Mongolia convened the seventh meeting of the US-Mongolia Trade and Investment Council, established under the US-Mongolia Trade and Investment Framework Agreement.
How the US can enforce an “unenforceable” IPEF
The proposition that the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity will not be enforceable is an illusion.
The US Congress’s role in the IPEF and the possibility of a US “certification” requirement before the IPEF enters into force
Pillar 1 of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity is entitled “Trade” and is expected to have binding and enforceable trade-related commitments.
Canada says will join as third party in US-Mexico dispute over GM corn imports
Canada will participate as a third party in the dispute settlement proceedings between the US and Mexico regarding genetically modified corn in imported tortillas and dough, citing concerns about Mexico’s stance on the matter.
US seeks trade panel to resolve labor conflict at Mexican mine
The US government has requested its first dispute-settlement panel invoking labor rules under a North American trade pact, in an effort to resolve a long-running workers’ conflict at Grupo Mexico’s San Martin mine.
Nothing to lose but your supply chains: IPEF and the resilience agenda
Trade justice activists slammed the lack of transparency in the IPEF negotiation process. Social movements have showing resistance to demand prioritising labour, climate justice, and human rights over corporate profits in Indo-Pacific trade talks.
Taiwan, US commence second-round trade talks
Taiwan and the United States have kicked off their second round of negotiations under a bilateral trade initiative.
US escalates trade dispute over GM corn, challenges Mexico’s food sovereignty
US Trade Representative office’s move to form dispute resolution panel lacks justification according to experts.
Whitman says US-Kenya bilateral trade pact to be concluded by end of year
United States Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman has revealed that the US-Kenya bilateral trade agreement is set to be concluded by the end of the year as a pace setter for Africa.
US to escalate claim that Mexico corn policy violates trade pact
The United States is preparing to escalate its complaint that Mexico’s ban on genetically modified corn violates the neighbours’ free-trade deal, Bloomberg News said.
Colombian president wants to amend free trade accord with US
President Gustavo Petro announced that he wants to renegotiate a free trade accord that Colombia has with the United States, the main destination for its exports.