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South Africa-Brazil FTAs will impact Namibian beef industry
Free trade agreements won’t hold favourable implications for Namibia’s weaner industry and the opportune thing for local producers along with government, is to get together and have a round table discussion to come up with plans on how to convert potential challenges into opportunities.
India-SACU free trade agreement needs ‘fine-tuning’
The increasing amount of trade between Namibia and India is expected to balloon even further once the India-Southern African Customs Union Preferential Free Trade Agreement is finalised.
Waiting for an FTA
Southern Africa countries’ restrictive trade practices continue to undermine the potential gains of a regional free trade area (FTA).
Namibia and the Economic Partnership Agreement
Namibia’s principled refusal to get bullied into an agreement against what it considered its own best interests has served as an example for other countries originally more willing to give in to the pressure exerted by EU
EPA negotiations postponed again
The European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner, Karel De Gucht, says the EU wants local industries to benefit from the trade agreement and to create added value and jobs.
EU visit to partners
EU Commissioner for Trade, Karel De Gucht, was in Windhoek this week to discuss ways to strengthen trade and investment relations, and in particular comprehensive economic partnership agreements (EPAs).
Namibia Dairies wants milk import restrictions
Namibia Dairies has applied to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for the introduction of ’Quantitive Restrictions’; a move that will limit the amount of imported dairy products into Namibia.
Namibia: Grape farmers panic over EPA delay
Namibian farmers warn that if the EPA is not signed, the grape industry would “die a sudden death,” as they will not be able to compete against zero-rated tax status producers in the EU market such as Chile, South Africa and Peru.
Writing the Struggle - EPAs: The European game is over, comrades
The current episode between some African countries and European Union over the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) proves to a great extent what Franz Fanon talks about when he says: “The new day which is already at hand must find us firm, prudent and resolute.”
National Consultation On EPA Coming
The Minister of Trade and Industry, Calle Schlettwein, yesterday told the National Assembly that he would organise a national consultation on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union for the end of this month.
Namibia: EU tightens trade screws
Namnibia has just over 18 months to conclude controversial trade negotiations with the European Union or lose its duty- and quota-free access for beef, fish and grapes to EU markets.
Beyond tariffs: EU-EPA negotiations for Namibia
As the European Union economic partnership agreement negotiations gain momentum in southern Africa, countries which want to continue to benefit from EU market access will have to sign and fulfill obligations in line with the EPAs. If Namibia does not finalise a new EPA by 2016, it would fall under one of the schemes of the new Generalised System of Preference that affords it fewer trade concessions.
Rumpf bemoans EPA support in Brussels
Ambassador to Belgium, Hanno Rumpf, has expressed concern over the lack of support from developmental partners in Europe when it comes to economic partnership agreement (EPA) at the European Union (EU) Council in Brussels.
EU Backs Down On EPA Deadline
Namibia, and other ACP countries, are celebrating a victory in trade negotiations after the European Parliament voted to extend the deadline for the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union from January 2014 to January 2016.
Not yet Uhuru as long as interests of capitalist economies persist
It cannot be Uhuru yet for Namibia and its partners, or should one say fellow downtrodden countries united in the economic bloc of the African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) countries.
Geingob takes EPA fight to Germany
To finalise an EPA acceptable to Namibia will take at least 18 months. Namibia is therefore lobbying to get the deadline postponed to January 2016.
EPAs dividing SADC region - official
Southern African Development Community (SADC) integration is compounded by the ongoing Economic Partnership Agreements’ (EPAs) trade negotiations between the European Union (EU), a SADC official said on Wednesday.
Final EPA agreement this year – EU
The European Union (EU) head of delegation to Namibia said he is hopefull that the drawn out Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) discussions will be finalised during the course of the year.
Discussions Start On Industrial Policy
The country’s draft policy on industrialisation is finally ready for public discussion after years of private sector grousing over its absence and the consequent devastating effects on Namibia’s overall market competitiveness.
EU remains dead set on trade deal
European Union Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht took a “conciliatory but firm stance” on economic partnership agreement (EPA) negotiations when he recently met with Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) countries.