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RCEP will undo the gains of food self-sufficiency built so assiduously over the decades
International trade negotiations currently underway hold a big threat to the future of Indian agriculture
New Zealand negotiator at Asia trade pact talks says countries should analyse TRIPS-Plus
The negotiator’s comments were non-committal but indicated that for now, the RCEP talks have not yet moved decisively into a TRIPS-plus scenario.
Zombie actors protest TPPA at Auckland trade office
A mock zombie virus outbreak was quarantined at the offices of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade in Auckland by campaigners demanding the NZ government end efforts to resurrect the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
No more business as usual: Where to now for international trade?
What is the future of international trade in a world of re-emergent national populism and voter scepticism of big trade deals? This new report brings together thirteen authors who have written thirteen very different essays on the future of trade.
China, New Zealand resume free trade upgrade talks
Representatives from the two countries met in Beijing to discuss matters such as technical trade barriers, rules of origin, customs procedures and trade facilitation.
Commission postpones mandate for Australia and New Zealand trade talks
The European Commission has postponed the release of its proposals for trade talks with Australia and New Zealand to the fall, a senior official told the European Parliament’s trade committee.
NZ’s latest trade courtship is an insult to workers’ rights – and workers’ lives
By plunging into negotiations with Latin American countries in the Pacific Alliance, New Zealand maintains its shameful record of failing to hold partners to account on labour abuses.
Australia, New Zealand launch trade negotiations with Pacific Alliance
Australia and New Zealand each announced the start of free trade agreement negotiations with the Pacific Alliance trade bloc.
Pacific Alliance to admit new associate members to expand trade reach
The alliance, which comprises Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru, will admit Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as associate members in a first step to broadening the reach of its trade flows and investments.
China FTA talks set to resume
Tariff elimination on dairy into China is one issue New Zealand will be looking to progress in the Free Trade Agreement update with China.
NZ first in line for Latin and South American trade deal
New Zealand hopes to take another step towards being the first country to sign up to a trade deal with a group of Latin American and South American countries.
European Union - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement: Outline of ambition and scope of future negotiations
The scoping discussions covered, at a high level, the shared ambition for some key issues often addressed in trade negotiations.
New Zealand aims for high level free trade with Europe
The New Zealand Government has set a target of having 90 per cent of goods traded with the European Union covered by a free trade agreement by 2030.
PACER-Plus: Disappointment and lost opportunity
The PACER-Plus model of development is based on an increasingly questionable form of economics which naively imagines that national economies will adapt automatically to enhanced price signals from liberalised international markets from which ’distortions’ are removed.
Gulf states trade deal in doubt again following Qatari blow-up, English says
The long-stalled free trade agreement between New Zealand and the Gulf Cooperation Council faces further delay.
Call for more time to assess Pacific trade deal
There’s been a call for more time to be given to Pacific civil society organisations and the private sector to assess the proposed regional free trade deal known as PACER Plus.
PACER-plus consolidated legal text
As released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand
Exporters applaud efforts to salvage TPP
Major New Zealand exporters are applauding the government’s efforts to salvage a massive trade deal, but a long-time opponent says it is basically dead in the water.
Peru, Indonesia to start meetings towards trade agreement
Peru and Indonesia will soon begin a series of bilateral meetings to reach a free trade agreement.
Differences over ‘TPP minus 1’ between NZ, Malaysia highlight obstacles to pact
Some nations such as New Zealand, Australia and Japan have been pushing for the deal to continue, but Malaysia’s Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed said his country was less keen to proceed.