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Pacific Alliance

La Alianza del Pacífico es un bloque comercial, que aspira a convertirse en el más grande de América Latina; está conformado por cuatro países: Chile, Colombia, México y Perú.

Latin America reacts to Israel’s massacre in Gaza
Latin American countries are now moving to sever diplomatic ties with the settler-colonial state — as some have done in the past — and Chile has already suspended its existing free trade agreements.
Abe talks up trade ties with Latin American alliance
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed eagerness Saturday to bolster economic and trade ties with the four Latin American nations that make up the Pacific Alliance, after accelerating the conclusion of a free trade agreement with Colombia.
Brazil wants to speed Mercosur/Pacific Alliance free trade understanding
Brazil will propose next Tuesday during the Mercosur summit that the group and the Pacific Alliance reach an agreement on free trade by the end of the year, according to official sources.
Colombia seeks to double agricultural land in five years
The Colombian government has set an ambitious goal to double the country’s agricultural land in half a decade, starting from 2015, to make the most of free trade agreements (FTA) signed with countries around the world, particularly the United States.
Protest likely on April 28, says Colombian farmer leader
Colombian farmer leader César Pachón, a representative of the group Dignidad Papera, said that the movement may take to the roads to protest on April 20 against the delay in goverment compliance with agreements with the sector.
Mexico and Panama sign free trade agreement
The presidents of Mexico and Panama signed a free trade deal on Thursday, moving the smaller nation a step closer to joining the Pacific Alliance, a regional pact.
Mexico, Panama finish free-trade talks
Mexian President Enrique Peña Nieto called the trade pact "another significant step toward Panama’s future participation in the Pacific Alliance, an inclusion which Mexico supports." The Pacific Alliance is a trade bloc that includes Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.
Costa Rica & Colombia approve free trade agreement
The Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica has approved the country’s Free Trade Agreement with Colombia, a prerequisite for Costa Rica to gain admittance into the Pacific Alliance group, composed of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.
Pacific Alliance to eliminate tariffs with new free trade agreement
On February 8-10, the Pacific Alliance holds its eighth summit in Cartagena, Colombia. During the event, the presidents of Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico will sign a free trade agreement to eliminate tariffs on 92 percent of trade goods between the countries. The notable exclusion is agriculture.
Panama, Colombia sign free trade agreement
Panama has signed a free trade agreement with Colombia, making a step forward to join the Pacific Alliance.
Brazil route to broader Europe trade faces regional roadblock
Brazil’s government is ready to present a proposal that would put 90% of its commerce with the European Union under a free-trade agreement, but the effort could stall on resistance from the country’s existing partners in the regional Mercosur trade bloc.
Paraguay and the Pacific Alliance: Why the country should not join the regional bloc – analysis
If Paraguay were to enter the Pacific Alliance with its current distribution of land and no progress towards land reform, those who currently hold land—agribusinesses and local elites—will continue to reap the benefits while continuing to displace workers and exacerbating slum conditions in larger cities.
US economic hegemony: Consolidation and deepening of the Pacific Alliance trade bloc
In many ways, the Pacific Alliance represents a resurgence of the failed U.S. initiated FTAA which was part of an agenda to consolidate corporate control.
The challenges of the Pacific Alliance: Regional sovereignty in Latin America or a pampered periphery
Two projects of regional association are facing off in South America: the Pacific Alliance and UNASUR.
Chile, Perú, Colombia y México firman acuerdo de libre comercio
En el marco de la cumbre Celac, la zona del pacífico firmó un acuerdo que consiste en cerrar un acuerdo arancelario antes del 31 de marzo de este año, lo que significa que el 90% de los productos van a quedar liberados de todo tipo de arancel en el comercio entre estos países.