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Pakistan-EU talks to resume after over a decade
The Pakistan-European Union Joint Commission is expected to meet within three months, after remaining suspended for over a decade, and a possible free trade agreement is on the agenda.
Pak-Malaysia FTA to be operational from today
Pakistan and Malaysia are set to enter into a free trade arrangement (FTA) from New Year today under Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (MPCEPA) 2008-2014.
US set to finalise FTA, BIT after emergency
"As soon as emergency is lifted and constitution is restored, the Bush administration would start finalising various issues with Pakistan, including Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) and the setting up of Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) in Azad Kashmir and Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (Fata),” a US embassy spokesperson, Ms Elizabeth Colton, said.
Pakistan and Mauritius sign Preferential Trade Agreement
Pakistan and Mauritius have decided to accord each other preferential status effective November 30, 2007, under the bilateral Preferential Trade Agreement.
US not keen to sign free trade agreement with Pakistan: BoI
The United States has expressed its serious concern over the continuation of emergency rule in Pakistan and said Washington was no more interested to sign the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Islamabad.
Malaysia-Pakistan FTA (2007)
Malaysia signs FTA with Pakistan
Malaysia and Pakistan have signed a trade pact, Malaysia’s first bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with a member of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC).
FTA with Malaysia finalised
The Pakistani government’s long-awaited Free Trade Agreement with Malaysia has been finalised. It will be implemented from January 2008, after formal approval of the Cabinet, sources in Commerce Ministry told Business Recorder.
Trade with China: Pakistan suffers trade deficit of $2.957bn
Trading with China has given Pakistan a trade deficit of $2.957 billion during the fiscal year 2006-07. The figures are based on trade under Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) and an Early Harvest Programme leading to Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries.
US Congress may delay Fata zones legislation
The United States Congress is likely to put on hold for several months, possibly a year, legislation for setting up reconstruction opportunity zones (ROZs) in tribal areas and finalisation of a bilateral investment treaty till a new democratic set-up comes into power in Pakistan
First Pakistan-EFTA meeting concludes: Negotiations to continue in 2008
Pakistan and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) have entered into a market access dialogue
Pakistan, US enhance cooperation: Teams formed to finalise trade, economic issues
Pakistan and United States on Wednesday constituted sub-groups of high officials from both the countries to pave the way for early finalisation of issues regarding trade and economic cooperation
US eyes trade with Pakistan and Afghanistan
The Bush administration will push Congress in coming months to approve legislation aimed at creating reconstruction opportunity zones so that goods produced in designated parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan can enter the United States duty-free.
Pakistan seeking parity with India surprises EU envoy
The European Union Ambassador to Pakistan has said that there is a huge difference between India and Pakistan economically, and he is surprised by Islamabad’s demand to be treated equally with New Delhi when asked about the possibility of Pak-EU FTA talks.
FTA between Pakistan and South Africa to boost trade urged
A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Pakistan and South Africa is necessary to boost trade and investments between the two countries according to Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Negotiations on China, Pakistan FTA in services sector conclude
China has expressed interest in Islamic banking and the development of industrial zones in Pakistan during the second round of China-Pakistan negotiations on FTA in Services chapter
Bilateral trade talks FTA partnership sought from US govt
During the ongoing round of bilateral trade talks at Washington, US Administration is being pressed to designate Pakistan as a potential Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partner to attract investment and promote trade relations between the two countries.
Pakistan hopes for US action on trade zones
Pakistan wants the United States to pass legislation on "reconstruction opportunity zones" that would allow it and Afghanistan to export textiles, clothing and other goods without paying US duties.
Morocco invites Pakistan to export textiles under FTA
Pakistani entrepreneurs should take advantage of Morocco’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with USA and European Union, particularly in the textile and readymade garments, Morocco Ambassador Mohammed Rida El Fassi said.
Mauritius, Pakistan to create free trade zone
Mauritius and Pakistan have announced plans to create a free trade zone between the two countries by 2009 and have preferential trade exchanges by 30 November.