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Second round of negotiations on CEPA starts in Islamabad today
The second round of negotiations between Srilanka and Pakistan on Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) starts in Islamabad today (Tuesday).
Pakistan, Mauritius to activate FTA in 18 months
Pakistan and Mauritius agreed to operationalise a free trade agreement between the two countries within 18 months to boost South-South trade. Addressing a press conference at the Ministry of Commerce after the conclusion of a three-day 7th Joint Working Group (JWG) meeting, Anand Priyay Neewoor, the head of Mauritius delegation, said the issue of sensitive products would be settled once the FTA became operational between the two countries.
Kenya tea loses its flavour in Pakistan
A tactical manoeuvre by Pakistan into bilateral free trade arrangements with several Asian neighbours is threatening to throw its multi-billion shilling-a-year-tea trade with Kenya into a spin.
Bilateral Investment Treaty can spur US-Pakistan economic ties: Negroponte
A top US diplomat has said the conclusion of a bilateral investment treaty with Pakistan would bolster economic and trade ties between the private sectors of the two countries.
New free trade accord with China soon: Musharraf
President Pervez Musharraf said on Tuesday that Pakistan and China were close to signing another Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on trade and services that would further boost their economic and commercial ties.
Pakistan and Sri Lanka to expand the scope of free trade agreement
The trade agreement has opened central Asian countries adjacent to Pakistan to new Sri Lankan exports.
Pakistan, China discuss Transit Trade Agreement, expand scope of FTA
Pakistan and China have made substantial progress towards entering a Transit Trade Agreement, expanding the scope of Free Trade Agreement, besides identifying new areas of cooperation to further strengthen their multi-faceted ties.
FTA: Pakistan, Sri Lanka for enhanced trade Ties
President Pervez Musharraf and President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka on Friday agreed on improving their trade and commerce ties with specific focus on continuing Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Pakistan, Mauritius to activate FTA in 18 months
Pakistan and Mauritius on Friday agreed to operationalise a free trade agreement between the two countries within 18 months to boost South-South trade.
Pakistan-Malaysia FTA in final stages
Government is working on Pakistan-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Technical Support Project to exploit the potential at the optimum level under this arrangement.
Abbasi promises continuity of policies with review
Shahid Khakan Abbasi, Federal Minister of Commerce hinted review of the Trade Policy and said that his ministry would ensure continuity of policies with review for enhancement of country’s exports.
FTA to help boost exports to China, Malaysia
Head of World Trade Organisation (WTO) Cell, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Mujeeb Ahmed Khan has said that with the help of Free Trade Agreements (FTA), exports to China are expected to reach US$4.5 billion by 2012 and to Malaysia $1.8bn by 2015.
Afghan Minister confirms signing of trade agreement with Pakistan
The Afghan Minister for Trade and Commerce has said that his country has signed a bilateral trade agreement with Pakistan.
Trade potential between India, Pak is untapped
If to some people, the words ‘cricket’ and ‘conflict’ come to mind when thinking of India and Pakistan, we need to update the language to embrace another two ‘Cs’ -connections and commerce.
ICCI seeks PTA/FTA with Canada to enhance exports
President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) Ijaz Abbasi on Friday stressed the need for Free Trade Agreement or Preferential Trade Agreement (FTA/PTA) between Pakistan and Canada for increasing bilateral trade as at present Pakistani exports to Canada are very low.
India looks to new Govt. in Pak to implement SAFTA
India on Monday exuded confidence that the new government in Islamabad will take immediate steps to implement the South Asian Free Trade Agreement with New Delhi and take necessary measures, including duty changes, to facilitate trade.
Pakistan-EU talks to resume after over a decade
The Pakistan-European Union Joint Commission is expected to meet within three months, after remaining suspended for over a decade, and a possible free trade agreement is on the agenda.
Pak-Malaysia FTA to be operational from today
Pakistan and Malaysia are set to enter into a free trade arrangement (FTA) from New Year today under Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (MPCEPA) 2008-2014.
US set to finalise FTA, BIT after emergency
"As soon as emergency is lifted and constitution is restored, the Bush administration would start finalising various issues with Pakistan, including Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) and the setting up of Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) in Azad Kashmir and Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (Fata),” a US embassy spokesperson, Ms Elizabeth Colton, said.
Pakistan and Mauritius sign Preferential Trade Agreement
Pakistan and Mauritius have decided to accord each other preferential status effective November 30, 2007, under the bilateral Preferential Trade Agreement.