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Bush vows to help Panama clinch free trade agreement
President George W. Bush said Tuesday he would do his best to get Congress to approve a pending free trade agreement with Panama, after meeting with its President Martin Torrijos in the White House.
Panamanian cabinet approves FTA with Guatemala
Panama’s cabinet has approved the free trade agreement (FTA) between Panama and Guatemala signed on Feb. 26, Commerce and Industry Minister Alejandro Ferrer said Thursday.
Mexico’s Calderon pushes for Panama trade deal
Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Wednesday said Mexico was ready to talk to Panama about restarting stalled discussions on a free trade deal.
Panama-Guatemala free trade a ’historic step’
Panama’s government has signed a free-trade agreement with Guatemala, Central America’s biggest economy with 11 million residents.
Panama, Guatemala ready free trade
Panama said Tuesday that negotiations for a free trade agreement with Guatemala is 90 percent advanced. Panama plans to negotiate a similar accord with the EU en bloc.
Panama and Chile to start free trade
Panama and Chile will implement a bilateral free trade agreement on March 7, signed by both countries, the Panamanian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday.
US-Panama trade promotion agreement: Potential economy-wide and selected sectoral effects
A report from the US International Trade Commission (September 2007)
Bush tries to build support for Latam trade deals
Bush urged Congress on Friday to approve free-trade agreements with Peru, Panama and Colombia "as soon as possible," saying failure to do so would diminish US leadership in the hemisphere.
US-Panama trade pact looks shaky
Washington officials say that even if Gonzalez — the president of Panama’s National Assembly, who is wanted on murder charges in the US — were to quit, attitudes in Congress and in the Bush administration have hardened against the free trade deal.
Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner visits Central America and announces aid packages
Three weeks before the first round of negotiations on an Association Agreement between the EU and Central America to be held in Costa Rica at the end of October, Ms Ferrero-Waldner wishes to send a strong signal to the region of the importance the EU accords to this agreement.
US wants Panama Congress chair out
The US is stepping up pressure to remove the president of Panama’s National Assembly, who it claims killed a US marine, so that the case will not block passage of the US-Panama FTA.
Democrats change FTA views
More and more US Democrats, many of whom have been skeptical about the Bush administration’s trade agenda in Latin America, now support pending free trade agreements with Peru, Colombia, and Panama.
Fugitive’s election muddles trade deal prospects
Advocates of a US-Panama free trade deal have a new headache: Panama has just elected an official wanted for arrest in the U.S. for allegedly killing an American soldier.
Why is our trade policy benefitting tax cheats?
The pending US trade agreement with Panama isn’t really about trade. It’s about foreign investor rights, money laundering, and tax dodging.
Observers watchful of US trade impact on medicines access
The United States has begun incorporating a revised intellectual property and health policy into its bilateral trade deals. But although the overall softer approach towards its partners may improve access to medicines, the debate on the impact of the US free trade agreements on public health in developing countries is not over, according to close observers.
On free trade, Democrats and Bush can’t even agree on facts
Free-trade agreements can create new opportunities for consumers and exporters, but making them law isn’t always easy.
NEMA applauds signing of US free trade agreements with Panama and South Korea
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) congratulates US trade negotiators on this week’s signing of two important bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs), and calls upon Congress to ratify the two FTAs as soon as possible.
Panama ratifies free trade deal with US
Panama’s legislature ratified a free trade agreement with the United States on Wednesday amid protests by hundreds of leftists and farmers opposed to the deal.
Bush administration, industry meet as Panama, Peru trade deals delayed
Senior members of the Bush administration and several US industry representatives were meeting today in Washington in order to devise a plan under which stalled free trade agreements (FTAs) with Panama and Peru might be quickly approved by Congress.
Panamanians protest US trade deal
Groups of students, professionals, and unions in Panama are protesting the signing Thursday of a free trade agreement with the US, for considering it an affront to the country s sovereignty and dignity.