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Colombia to begin free trade talks with Panama as exports fall
The talks come as Colombia faces a plunge in exports to neighboring Venezuela after President Hugo Chavez pledged last year to end imports from the Andean country in response to a deal that allows U.S. armed forces greater access to Colombian military bases.
Obama export plan includes trade deals - Geithner
President Barack Obama’s plan to double US exports over five years includes passing free trade agreements with Panama, Colombia and South Korea that have been delayed for years, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Wednesday.
Colombia anticipates free trade deal with Panama in weeks
Visiting Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said Friday that his government is working on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Panama, which could be reached "in a few weeks."
Panama advances on free trade dialogue with European countries
Panama will negotiate a free trade agreement with members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Panaman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industries said on Sunday.
S.Korea, Panama, Colombia eye US trade votes by mid-2010
South Korean, Colombian and Panamanian officials said on Wednesday they hoped for U.S congressional approval of pending free trade agreements by the middle of 2010.
Panama lifts beef ban ahead of Canada FTA
Panama has lifted its six-year-old BSE-related ban on Canadian beef as it concludes talks on a new free trade agreement with Canada that will improve access for other ag commodities.
Opposition lawmakers may stall Canada-Panama free trade accord
The free trade agreement between Canada and Panama signed Aug. 11 may be stalled or even defeated in Canada’s Parliament unless Prime Minister Stephen Harper can convince at least one opposition party to overcome concerns about Panama’s tax policies.
Panama, Canada sign FTA deal
Panama and Canada on Tuesday signed a free trade agreement (FTA) after the conclusion of bilateral trade talks.
Many US House Democrats want trade policy revamp
Political pressure grew on President Barack Obama to reconsider pending trade deals with Panama, Colombia and South Korea as over 100 lawmakers called on Wednesday for a massive revamp of US trade policy.
FTA between Panama and the United States: Re-negotiations imminent?
US congressmen are pressuring Panama to reduce the number of people who can form a union from 40 to 20 and to give foreigners the right to head union organizations in Panama.
Panama wrong choice for Obama’s first trade deal
This trade deal — largely based on the North American Free Trade Agreement model — was written by and for multinational companies. It enables companies to increase their profits while skipping town on taxes.
Free trade agreements pushed by Grassley, pork produce
The National Pork Producers Council is pushing for passage of the Panama Free Trade Agreement, saying it will level the playing field for U.S. pork producers.
"I will absolutely fight to the death" against the Panama FTA
Pop quiz: who said that? Was it a Panamanian worker with nothing to lose? Nope. It was the chair of one of the most powerful committees in the US Congress.
US eyes Asia trade vistas after Panama, Doha: Kirk
The Obama administration wants to explore new trade vistas in the Asia-Pacific region once it has dealt with challenges it inherited, including a deal with Panama and a global trade pact, US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said on Monday.
Please sign letter opposing ratification of US-Panama FTA
As the global economic crisis deepens and more people lose their jobs, the Obama administration may soon push for ratification of the Bush-era US-Panama Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Panama’s president-elect to push US trade deal
Finalizing a free-trade deal with the United States is a major goal for Panamanian President-elect Ricardo Martinelli, but the supermarket tycoon rejects US accusations that the country is a tax haven.
New report: Panama FTA would undermine US efforts to stop offshore tax-haven abuse and regulate risky financial conduct
The trade deal would leave tax shelters for AIG and narcotraffickers intact while removing existing US tools to combat tax evasion and other financial crimes
Lawmaker moves to delay free-trade pacts
A Democratic senator from Ohio is moving to further tie up pending US free-trade agreements with Panama, Colombia and South Korea, setting up a potential clash between President Barack Obama and some members of his party.
Panama-AIG outrage on all fronts
Anger is brimming over in diverse corridors over the Bush hangover agreement with Panama, and the new rights it would give to AIG-linked bodies in Panama to sue US taxpayers.