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EU keen to renegotiate Mauritania fish deal
European Commission experts will head to Mauritania later this week to renegotiate the EU’s most valuable fishing deal with another country. The European Union has signed more than 20 bilateral fishing agreements, nearly all with developing countries and mostly in Africa, that give the EU a substantial extra supply of fish. The deal with Mauritania is the largest and most valuable.
India’s FTA rush: Kerala’s farmers and fishworkers stand to lose
New FTAs such as the EU-India Trade and Investment Agreement, India-Thailand FTA and the ASEAN-India Regional Trade and Investment Area pose threats to the fishing community in Kerala.
Consultations held on India-EU trade pact
Fishermen want 40 varieties in the negative list
Philippine fisherfolks seek international support against Philippine-Japan trade deal
An alliance of Philippines fishermen is trying to protect itself and Philippine waters from being over fished by huge Japanese factory fishing ships.
Philippine Senators ’could reject’ Japan free trade deal
Philippine lawmakers are unlikely to ratify a free trade agreement with Japan in the deal’s present form, the president of the Southeast Asian nation’s Senate said Tuesday.
State’s favourite fish may escape duty-free import net
Oil sardine and mackerel are likely to escape the list of duty-free import from Europe in the Indo-European Union trade and investment agreement, set to be signed late next year. The exemption is a major victory for fish workers.
Kerala to pressurise Centre on including fish in FTA
The Kerala government is anxiously watching the move by the European Union to import 40 varieties of fish to India, as part of the proposed Indo-EU bilateral FTA, as it would adversely affect the state’s traditional fishing sector.
Iceland moves closer to full trade deal with China
Iceland, one of the world’s largest fish producers, is moving closer to a free trade deal with China, one of the world’s fastest growing consumers of seafood. European fish processors are worried that the price of white fish, salmon and prawns could rise even higher than they are now if China becomes a fish buyer in a big way.
Philippines wants fishing agreement in S. China Sea
The Philippines wants an agreement to allow free fishing in disputed waters of the South China Sea
Pacific: Trade officials deeply concerned about European offer
Pacific trade officials and legal experts from 14 Pacific Island nations have just spent 3 days examing Europe’s draft agreement in detail and are deeply concerned about the text (audio)
Japan eyes tuna in trade pact with Philippines
What the Japanese government and its transnational fishing clients are really after are the Philippines’ precious tunas.
Fishy issues in Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA)
The Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) is up for ratification by the Philippine Senate. However, there are socio-environmental and equity issues on fisheries trade and investments that demand answers or solutions from policymakers of both countries.
Fish exporters set conditions for EPAs
With barely five months to go before the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) come into force, it is still unclear whether agreements in the negotiations will be reached.
South Korea to spend $140 bln for US trade deal
South Korea will spend more than 130 trillion won ($140.3 billion) through 2013 to compensate for losses to farms and fisheries stemming from a free trade deal with the United States, the government said on Thursday.
Cotonou’s demise - Namibia to lose millions
The end of the World Trade Organisation waiver for Cotonou trade preferences at the end of this year will cost Namibia hundreds of millions, considering that the country’s agricultural and fish exports are built on the preferences.
El Salvador: Spanish firm advocates, then breaks labour laws
The Spanish tuna-fishing and processing company Grupo Calvo has been accused of serious anti-union practices in El Salvador. The paradox is that Calvo had insisted that this Central American country approve labour laws required by the European Union for the purpose of obtaining tariff exemptions, as a condition for continuing to invest here.
Thailand bilateral free trade with US alarms tuna industry key players
Despite the positive prospects of the tuna industry, key players are alarmed with the recent move of other countries like Thailand which is seeking bilateral free trade agreement with the US.
Thai shrimp exporters fear new health rules in Australia
Thai shrimp farmers have urged the government to speed up negotiations with Australia over its proposed health and safety standard before it comes into effect on February 21.
Rafidah skirting main FTA issues
International Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz has not addressed the main concerns surrounding the US-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement (FTA), claimed a regional grouping of fishermen and farmers today.
Fishers planning summit protest alarmed by security measures
Fisher folk groups are opposing the ASEAN’s Roadmap to Fisheries Integration, saying the facilitation of free trade of fisheries products without consideration for the biological limits to fisheries productivity would lead to overfishing and adversely affect artisanal fishers who could not compete with commercial fishing fleets.