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Peru, China to start trade talks this year
Peru and China are expected to begin free trade talks this year with expert-level discussion to open next month, Peru’s Tourism and Foreign Trade Minister Mercedes Araoz said Thursday.
Murtha sees security threat in trade deal
US Rep John Murtha (D-Pa.), a close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), is calling elements of a Peru free-trade agreement (FTA) signed by the Bush administration a threat to national security.
Peru, China to view viability of free trade deal
Peru and China on Thursday took a first official step toward a free trade agreement that would unite one of giant Latin American metals producer and the world’s most voracious consumer.
Peru addressing labor concerns to pave way for FTA - Min
Peru is making a concerted effort to address labor concerns being raised by U.S. congressional Democrats in order to ensure approval of the U.S.-Peru free trade pact, Labor Minister Susana Pinilla said Tuesday.
Canada to discuss free trade with Peru
Peru and Canada could start discussions for a bilateral free trade agreement as early as February, according to Peruvian Agriculture Minister Juan Jose Salazar.
Ecuador not interested in FTA while Peru expects a ratification soon
Correa’s government officially announced that Ecuador is not interested at the moment to negotiate a free trade agreement (FTA) with the US.
Open letter from Peruvian agricultural producers
To the People of the United States of America, to the Members of the US Congress: We are sending this letter on behalf of the nine million farmers and rural workers of the coast, highlands, and tropical forests of Peru, who are concerned about the final results of the Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) completed in December 2005 between the trade representatives of Peru and the United States.
Peru, Colombia trade deals would lock in more bad investment rules
The investment rules in the Colombia and Peru trade pacts with the US deserve special scrutiny. They grant protections for private foreign investors that are virtually identical to those in NAFTA, CAFTA and myriad bilateral investment treaties signed over the past two decades. And yet these countries are being pulled on board at a time of a dramatic awakening about these rules’ potential for harm.
Canada signs Bilateral Investment Treaty with Peru — India and China are next
On November 14, 2006, Canada and Peru signed a bilateral investment treaty (BIT), otherwise referred to as a Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement (FIPA). This is Canada’s first BIT to be negotiated in eight years and the first BIT to be based on Canada’s new 2004 Model FIPA.
Democrats urge USTR renegotiate Andean trade pacts
A group of Democrats urged the Bush administration on Tuesday to renegotiate trade pacts with Peru and Colombia to strengthen their worker protections. The request came in a letter to US Trade Representative Susan Schwab one day before the United States was set to sign the trade deal with Colombia.
Peru, India to sign commercial pact
Peru is a good investment destination for India because the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) it has with the United States provides a platform for Indian investors to export to the US, said Vice President, Peru-India Chambers of Commerce, Marco Hurtado.
Canada, Peru sign agreement on foreign investment protection
Canada and Peru on Tuesday signed a Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement, the first one of its kind that Canada has signed with a foreign country in eight years.
Canada to resume free trade talks with Singapore, exploring pacts with Peru, Colombia
Canada has agreed to resume stalled free trade negotiations with Singapore, and exploring the possibility of establishing free trade pacts with Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, Canadian Trade Minister David Emerson said.
Free trade and bio-prospecting: Opportunities for Peru
Opportunities to develop bio-prospecting in Peru are on the rise. This article describes the initiatives and proposals that have paved the way towards this development on the basis of current legislation. The Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) with the United States contains potentials for this goal.
Peru pushes for speedy US FTA consent
The Peruvian government said Wednesday it will urge the US Congress to pass the bilateral free trade agreement quickly, in light of the soon-to-be Democratic majority.
Thailand negotiating FTA w/ Peru
Thailand will press forward in negotiating the free trade area (FTA) agreement with Peru, hoping to promote the export sector and create gateways to Brazil and Argentina.
Bush free trade plan puts Amazon up for grabs
The Bush administration is quietly pressing for a free trade agreement with Peru that will put the Amazon rainforest - often described as one of the earth’s lungs - on the chopping block.
Peru urges Bush to push through FTA now
While his neighbors in South America are in no hurry to ratify a free trade agreement with Washington, Peruvian President Alan Garcia plans to ask President George W. Bush to push for ratification of the beached Free Trade Treaty today.
Singapore and Peru conclude third round of FTA talks
Singapore and Peru have concluded their third round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement that will strengthen trade and investment relations between the two countries.
Peru prez hawking FTA to US
An enthusiast of the US-sponsored Free Trade Agreement, Peruvian President Alan Garcia will promote the agreement on his October visit to the US.