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Peruvians striking against FTA
Peruvian grassroots organizations are beginning Thursday a strike against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US to avoid its ratification by Congress.
USITC releases report on impact of US-Peru FTA
The US International Trade Commission released its report assessing the bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) that the President has entered into with Peru. The report provides an assessment of the likely impact of the FTA on the US economy and on specific industry sectors and consumers.
Peru protests could mar FTA debates
Peruvian Congress Agrarian and Foreign Trade Commissions have started to discuss the US-devised free trade agreement.
New Peruvian president-elect keeping Washington at arm’s length
President-elect Alan Garcia on Tuesday stressed his support for free markets and said he will vigorously court foreign investment for Peru, but he said he plans to renegotiate a trade accord with the United States signed by the outgoing government.
Peru strikes against US FTA
Peruvian farmer, union and student organizations announced Friday a strike as of June 8 for an indefinite period against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with United States, to avoid its ratification in the Congress.
South American Ministers vow to avoid TRIPS-plus measures
The Ministers of Health of ten South American countries issued a joint declaration on intellectual property committing themselves to avoid "TRIPS plus" provisions in bilateral and regional trade agreements, to facilitate the use of compulsory licensing and parallel importing and to avoid broadening the scope of patentability and the extension of patentable areas.
Beans for Lima: Activists are fighting a new agreement between the US and Peru
What are the environmental impacts of the Peruvian-US free-trade agreement?
Morales urges Latin American countries to kill FTA with US
Bolivia’s President Evo Morales on Thursday urged Colombia, Peru and Ecuador to kill their free trade agreements with the United States, so as to keep the Andean Community alive. Meanwhile, Peru’s President Alejandro Toledo said the Andean Community would now seek to launch trade talks with the EU, with or without Venezuela and Bolivia.
Iglesias: Minister repeats demand that Bogotá, Lima drop deals with Washington
Light Industry and Trade Minister María Cristina Iglesias reiterated the government’s position that Colombia and Peru would have to abandon the bilateral trade deals they recently signed with the United States if Venezuela were to stay in the Andean Community of Nations.
Hopes of US duty-free access fading for Asian countries
The road to US duy-free access could be longer than expected for a series of emerging countries. While Pakistan was recently refused that textiles and apparel benefit from preferential treatment, chances of duty-free access for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Cambodia are progressively fading.
Peru’s Prime Minister says FTA with US fundamental
Peru’s Prime Minister Pedro Paulo Kuczynski said on Tuesday it’s "absolutely necessary" for his country to pass the free trade agreement with the U.S as the deal will allow Peruvian textile and agricultural industries to grow.
Chavez may consider Venezuela’s return to Andean Pact
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he would consider returning to the Andean Community of Nations trade bloc provided Colombia and Peru reconsider their trade agreements with the US.
US ag groups mount support for Peru TPA
The Agricultural Coalition for US-Peru Trade, comprised of 58 agricultural organizations, sent a letter last week to every member of US Congress urging support of the Peru Trade Promotion Agreement. The letter states that "PTPA sets a new and higher standard for future free trade agreements."
US-Peru free trade deal a step back for development
International aid organization Oxfam criticized today’s signing of the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Washington, an agreement it says would do more harm than good for millions of Peruvians who live in poverty.
Tell Congress: oppose the US-Peru free trade agreement!
Oxfam has set up a web page where you can send letters to US Congress urging them to reject the US-Peru FTA, signed last week.
Peru: Date for FTA debate to be set
The draft free trade agreement with the US still lacks a date for discussion in the Peruvian Congress Constitution Committee as the text has not yet been submitted, Parliament Speaker Antero Flores said Monday.
US trade pact causes row in Peru
Ollanta Humala, frontrunner in Peru’s presidential election. Mr Humala says the deal should be put to a popular vote Peru’s decision to sign a free-trade agreement with the US has provoked a domestic political row, with critics calling for the deal to be blocked.
Peru farmers unite vs. FTA with US
Peruvian farmers are organizing a march from Cusco to Lima to protest the free trade agreement with the US, the president of Peru’s National Agrarian Confederation, Antolin Huascar, stated Thursday.
Humala demands referendum on US-Peru free trade agreement
United States and Peru signed Wednesday a bilateral free trade treaty - two years in the making - at the headquarters of the Organization of American States in Washington.
Campesinos marchan contra TLC
"El Sr. Toledo debe irse a su casa y no firmar cosas para las que ya no tiene autoridad."