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US Grains Council on US-Peru FTA
"With this agreement, we are looking forward to gaining a significant portion of a market that has been dominated by Argentina in the past."
Peru - strike against Free Trade Agreement announced
The president of Peru’s National Agrarian Confederation, Antolin Huascar Flores, announced a national strike against the recently signed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States. "Only grapes, asparagus and some textile is going to benefit, and the other Andean products will not. Because of this, we are preparing for a nationwide agricultural strike," he said.
Statement from US sugar producers regarding US-Peru FTA
The US sugar industry strongly prefers that negotiation of sugar market access occur in the multilateral, comprehensive WTO context, where foreign subsidies can also be addressed, rather than in bilateral and regional FTAs, where subsidies are not addressed.
Peru trade deal angers US asparagus growers
Asparagus growers in Washington state, Michigan and California say they will ask Congress to scuttle a newly announced free-trade agreement between the United States and Peru.
US-Peru FTA (2005): summary
From the Office of the US Trade Representative.
Peru’s acceptance of IP terms led to trade pact with US
An agreement by Peru to accept US demands on protecting intellectual property rights, including protections for pharmaceutical test data found in other US free trade agreements, paved the way for a final deal on a US-Peru FTA.
US, Peru reach free trade agreement
The US and Peru have wrapped up negotiations on a free trade agreement, officials from both countries said Wednesday. The pact was reached after Colombia and Ecuador halted their own discussions with Washington on what was expected to be a regional agreement linking all three countries with the United States.
US and Peru end trade impasse with agreement
The US and Peru struck a wide-ranging trade agreement on Wednesday after 18 months of talks that had been mired in disagreements over agricultural and intellectual property issues.
Bleak outlook for Peru under FTA
In a study commissioned by the World Bank, GRADE researcher Javier Escobal said tariff deregulation of sensitive farm products under the agreement will mean losses of about 370 million dollars for rural families.
Chile, Peru near-FTA likely to be reached in new round
Chile and Peru will likely reach a deal for a free trade agreement in everything but name at an upcoming round of negotiations, Peru’s ambassador to Chile said Thursday.
Peru to decide FTA referendum
Promoters of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Campaign "Asi no," will deliver this Tuesday to the National Electoral Jury the documents signed by Peruvians opposed to the FTA with United States.
Peru close to sign FTA with US
The proposed free trade pact with the US has caused big demonstrations in Peru due to the farmers of sugar cane, rice, corn, potatoes and cotton fear that US agricultural subsidies will make it impossible for them to compete.
Peruvian farmers buck FTA with US
Two important Peruvian agricultural organizations march Wednesday against president Alejandro Toledo’s negotiations for a free trade agreement with the US.
Varieties of imperial aggression: The Andean trade treaties
One crucial element common to all these bilateral trade talks is the ruthless determination of rich countries to destroy poorer countries’ national sovereignty.
Peruvian farmers say the government allows dishonest FTA
Peruvian National Farming Convention (COVENAGRO) chair Luis Zuñiga asserted that his government does not provide protection alternatives to the sector’s workers, faced with an eventual Free Trade Agreement with the United States.
Peru’s Toledo: US trade pact expected next month
Peru hopes to have a free trade agreement with the U.S. concluded in October, President Alejandro Toledo said Tuesday.
Uribe and Toledo to analyze FTA with US
Presidents of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, and Peru, Alejandro Toledo will analyze Monday the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which along with Ecuador, has been negotiated with the US since May 2004.
Work begins on another trade accord with Andean nations
The battle over a free trade agreement with Central America spilled over Tuesday in Miami to the Andean nations of South America.
Andean trade negotiators meet in Miami for talks
Trade talks with three Andean countries get underway in downtown Miami, but for free-trade supporters the key issue in town is still the Congressional vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
’US-Peru FTA could deprive millions of essential drugs’
With many Peruvians already dying from treatable illness due to difficulties in accessing drugs, a UN human rights expert has expressed "deep concern" that an eventual US-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA) could deprive millions more of essential drugs made unaffordable by stronger protection of patents.