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Pumps should be exempted from RCEP with China
Pump and Motor manufacturers here have said that these light items should not be included in the list of goods that can be imported duty free from China under the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
The information hurdle in free trade agreements
In its Foreign Trade Policy statement, issued in March, the commerce ministry talked of a relative lack of awareness about the potential benefits from free trade agreements (FTAs). Also, that industry is not adequately oriented to using such FTAs to find new markets and products, except when these adversely affect their business.
Top US lawmakers on trade urge action on India’s treatment of IPRs
The top members of US Congress and the Senate responsible for international trade issues urged the Obama administration to push for changes to India’s handling of intellectual property rights and technology
IBSA countries sign agreements on scientific areas
Representatives from India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) on Thursday signed two agreements on scientific cooperation, in Brazilian capital Brasilia.
Kingdom, US forge science and technology cooperation
Saudi Arabia and the United States yesterday signed an agreement for cooperation in science and technology. The agreement formalizes a decades-long, low-key relationship between the two countries involving numerous US technical agencies, academic institutions and private business.
Europe headed for new security deal with Israel
The European Union is considering new steps to deepen its cooperation on scientific research with Israel, despite admitting that previous funds earmarked for that purpose have gone to firms operating illegally in the Palestinian territories.
United States and Libya sign Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement
The Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement is an important step in recognizing Libya’s renunciation of weapons of mass destruction, says the US State Department. It is a component of Washington’s efforts to promote peace and stability in the Maghreb and broaden US-Libya bilateral relations.
Biotech to figure in new EU-India S&T cooperation
Biotechnology in agriculture, bio-fuel, climate change and energy security are top on the agenda of the European Union’s new offer for science and technology cooperation with India.
Open letter to the Prime Minister of India on the Indo-US Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture
Given the interest generated with regard to the US-India nuclear deal, it is time to express our concerns on the US-India Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture, too, and not let it be implemented in a business-as-usual attitude.
Internet firms on alert over FTA
Internet firms providing music, videos and other multimedia files are watching out for the government interpretation on the free trade agreement, as its draft contains much tougher anti-piracy measures on digital content than current regulations.
US Science and Technology Agreements (list only, 2006)
Currently, the US has 37 umbrella S&T Agreements worldwide that establish frameworks to facilitate the exchange of scientific results, provide for protection and allocation of intellectual property rights and benefit sharing, facilitate access for researchers, address taxation issues, and respond to the complex set of issues associated with economic development, domestic security and regional stability.
India in free trade talks with four European countries
India is in talks with four European countries - Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein - to strike a comprehensive economic agreement that would facilitate free trade relations. Switzerland is also trying to set up a working group with India on intellectual property rights and also seeking to enhance cooperation in science and technology fields.
Canada inks Chinese agreement for technology cooperation
An agreement for science and technology cooperation between Canada and China has been signed in Beijing covering energy, environment, medical health, life science, agricultural and biological products.
Vietnamese, Japanese governments sign scientific co-operation agreement
The agreement signed between the two governments will facilitate exchanges of information and scientists and technicians providing training to improve professional skills and the protection of intellectual property rights.
India-Malaysia signs liberal economic cooperation contract
The Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement will enable Malaysia to expand and strengthen cooperation and collaboration activities in areas where India is advanced such as biotechnology, software development, science and education.
Iran, Cuba sign investment, trade MoU
Iran and Cuba also have plans to finalize a preferential trade agreement to boost mutual trade exchange.
"US-India Strategic Economic Partnership": Kowtowing to American big business
The Report of the US-India CEO Forum titled "US-India Strategic Economic Partnership", which was released during the recent Bush visit, has not attracted much media attention in contrast to the hype over the nuclear deal.
Terrorism, agriculture and US-India cooperation
Terrorism and agriculture are among the issues raised in the joint India-US Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement issued on 18 July 2005 during Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh’s meeting with President Bush.
Text of India-US joint statement (July 2005)
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Bush declare their resolve to transform the relationship between their countries and establish a global partnership.