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EU says early partnership pact possible with Syria
The European Union could sign a long-stalled partnership pact with Syria this year, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said on Sunday at the Paris launch of a new "Union for the Mediterranean"
Syria-EU relations need review
Syria remains the only partner out of the nine other Mediterranean countries under the Barcelona process who hasn’t signed an association agreement with the EU.
EU waiting for right political climate to seal Syria accord
A senior European Parliament official said on Wednesday that the EU and Syria were waiting for the political climate to improve to allow the signing of an association agreement. The accord, on which the two sides completed negotiations in October 2004 but which needs ratification, aims to set up a free-trade zone by 2010.
Syria proposes FTA talks with Malaysia
Syria has proposed negotiation on a Malaysia-Syria free trade agreement (FTA) at the first joint trade commission meeting, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz said today.
EU and Syria start over
Syria is the only Mediterranean country which has not signed an agreement with the EU. Can a timely carrot-and-stick strategy re-engage both?
Turkey-Syria free trade agreement
The content of the Free Trade Agreement, which was signed between Turkey and Syria in 2004, was published in Monday’s Official Gazette.
Europe should study Syria incentives - lawmakers
The European Parliament has reaffirmed that Syria must respect democratic values and human rights before the Council of 25 EU member states could approve the EU-Syria Association Agreement that has been on ice for two years.
European MPs note importance to ink partnership agreement with Syria
European MPs visiting Syria emphasized "the significance of accomplishing the Syrian-European partnership due to its important role in achieving a human and economic development contributing to the peace process, security and stability in the region."
Some European countries call for endorsing Association Agreement with Syria
A source of the Higher Committee Specialized in Following up Issues of Partnership Association between Syria and EU has said that the EU has started to issue positive signals regarding agreement with Syria, particularly that some EU countries consider that there is no excuse for delaying signing the agreement after two years of initialing it.
Syria, EU hold talks on partnership association pact
Syria and the European Union on Tuesday held talks on means to facilitate the final approval of an association agreement initialled more than a year ago.
Iran, Syria close to free trade agreement
Syrian Minister of Economy and Trade Dr. ’Amir Lutfi, and Iran’s Minister of Housing and Cities’ Construction Muhammad Said Kya met on Sunday to discuss issues connected with the Free Trade Zone agreement and the agreement of Differential Trade, reports the official Syrian news agency SANA.
Syrian parliament approves Free Trade Agreement with Jordan
The Syrian government approved a free trade agreement signed with Jordan. Officials said the deal is aimed at developing economic cooperation and boost bilateral trade between the two countries.
Syria chides activists over EU pact comments
The Syrian government has taken prominent human rights activists to task for calling on the EU not to sign a billion-dollar trade deal with Damascus due to its poor human rights record.
US cautions EU over Syria deal
Washington has urged the EU to hold off on signing a trade and aid pact with Syria, citing its doubts that Damascus withdrew all intelligence agents from Lebanon and was allowing fighters to enter Iraq.
Syria to sign free trade agreement with GCC
Syria will sign a free trade agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in June, the official al-Thawra newspaper said Friday.
All alone
The 14 February assassination of Al Hariri may strip away the last of Syria’s European patrons, leaving it at the mercy of Bush’s agenda in the region. There is talk that EU parliamentary approvals of Syria’s association agreement are now on hold.
Turkey, Syria sign free trade agreement
Turkey and Syria signed a free trade agreement on Wednesday and discussed how to keep Iraq united and stable despite the violence sweeping their neighbor.
Euro-Med Association Agreements: the Partnership is moving forward
An essential feature of the implementation of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership has been the negotiation of Association Agreements between the European Union and nine of its Mediterranean Partners to replace the 1970s Co-operation Agreements.
EU and Syria initial long-awaited association pact
The European Union and Syria have initialled an association agreement that commits both sides to work towards free trade — as well as against weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.