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Japan’s lower house passes TPP trade deal
Japan’s lower house on Friday passed a bill to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact, paving the way for its enactment before the current Diet session ends in June.
New Zealand signs side letters with five CPTPP members to exclude compulsory investor state dispute settlement
New Zealand has recently signed "side letters" to exclude compulsory Investor State Dispute Settlement with five members of the CPTPP – Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Peru, Viet Nam and Australia.
Reject Trump’s threat to affordable medicines through TPP
Government should reject Trump’s threat to affordable medicines through TPP and other trade deals.
South Korea to decide on participation in TPP within this year: Trade Minister
The South Korean government will decide on its participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) within this year, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Paik Un-gyu was quoted as saying on May 9 by Japanese newspapers.
Thailand wants to join TPP ’as soon as possible,’ says deputy PM
Thailand wants to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership "as soon as possible," Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak told visiting Japanese Economic and Fiscal Policy and Revitalization Minister Toshimitsu Motegi who is in charge of negotiations for the pact on Tuesday.
US eager to form trade deal with Japan ’at some point’: USTR
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Tuesday expressed eagerness to strike a free trade agreement with Japan "at some point."
Mexico’s senate ratifies sweeping Asia-Pacific trade deal
Mexico’s Senate voted to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership, making it the first of 11 signatory countries to back the arduously negotiated framework that was rejected by the United States.
Thailand aims to join TPP trade deal
Thailand intends to join the TPP deal, which counts Japan and Australia among its members, after it takes effect. The existing 11 member countries are seeking to have it take effect this year.
Japan says trade talks with US under new framework won’t start until June
Japan’s Economy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said on Tuesday that bilateral talks on trade under a new framework led by him and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer won’t begin until mid-June at the earliest.
Indonesia urges Southeast Asian economies to bargain together on TPP
Indonesia’s trade minister urged Southeast Asian countries that have not signed up for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact to consider joining and that these economies could collectively negotiate accession terms.
Japan’s multi-layered, multilateral strategy
Tokyo has some work to do to convince the region its strategy is not designed to contain China.
Trump pushes Abe for ’free, fair and reciprocal’ trade
Japan seeks US return to TPP but president unlikely to bend on bilateral deal.
Taiwan hopes talks under TIFA will resume this year
A Taiwanese senior trade negotiator said Thursday that Taiwan hopes that talks under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) with the United States will resume this year.
Trump, in another apparent reversal, says trans-pacific trade pact has ‘too many contingencies’
After publicly flirting with having the United States rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership, President Trump appeared to rebuff the idea once and for all.
Japan PM Abe meeting Trump on trade, North Korea and TPP
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is meeting Trump in Florida now. Facing domestic political turmoil, Abe is seeking to achieve something out of the summit. The first and foremost is the 232 steel and aluminum tariff of the US.
Mustapa: Hard to renegotiate TPPA if Trump wants US to rejoin
Renegotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) to make significant changes may be difficult, says Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry.
Trump weighs rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership amid trade dispute with China
President Trump ordered top administration officials to look at rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the sprawling trade pact he rejected three days after taking office.
Tokyo willing to host TPP negotiators’ meeting in June or July
Japan is willing to host a chief negotiators’ meeting of the newly signed 11-member Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact in June or July, a minister in charge of the pact said.
Japan aims revamped TPP at reducing reliance on US: former high-level diplomat
Donald Trump’s erratic posture on trade is forcing Japanese policymakers to rethink their reliance on the economic and political alliance with the United States, according to a former high-level diplomat from the Office of the US Trade Representative.
Thailand seeks to join TPP
Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak said it is important to prepare for being a member of the free trade agreement.