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Andean Nations seek US patent protection for native medicines
Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are turning the tables on U.S. trade negotiators accustomed to winning tough safeguards for drug patents by demanding similar protections for traditional therapies such as roots and leaves.
EIU: Andean FTA talks near conclusion
An Economist Intelligence Unit briefing paper
Thai specialists in US for FTA technical talks
On liberalising services and investment, Thailand insists on adopting a "positive list" approach, where only those sectors explicitly outlined in the agreement would be opened. The US insists on a "negative list", under which all sectors are on the table except those listed as sensitive.
ECO Trade Agreement (ECOTA, 2003)
BIMSTEC meet on June 1: Six priority sectors to be discussed
A BIMSTEC Free Trade Area agreement was signed in last February. The agreement covers trade in goods, services and investment. Negotiations are progressing well on specific issues. The Agreement would come into force from July 2006.
COMESA demands changes to current intellectual property system
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) said it wants changes to the current intellectual property right system to protect the interests of developing countries. It will accordingly conduct an audit and formulate a negotiating position for COMESA member countries in their negotiations with the European Union for the Economic Partnership Agreements due to start in December 2005.
Bilateral investment agreements: Agents of new global standards for the protection of IPRs?
Developing countries have entered into a large number of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) as well as free trade agreements (FTAs) that include explicit obligations for the protection of intellectual property rights as "investments".
BIMSTEC Summit Declaration
Following is the text of the declaration issued at the conclusion of the first BIMSTEC summit here Saturday