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Saving Japan’s seed heritage from “free trade”
Former Japanese minister Yamada joined forces with 150 lawyers that have challenged as unconstitutional both the TPP agreement and the government’s decision to abolish the seed protection law.
NAFTA: US-grown corn threatens Mexican crop heritage
Mexicans are concerned that cheap US imports are destroying Mexico’s cultural relationship with its traditional maize varieties.
Trade agreements as vectors for the Nagoya Protocol’s implementation
A growing number of trade agreements include provisions related to access to genetic resources and the sharing of the benefits that arise out of their utilization.
Divided MEPs pass controversial TTIP resolution
Members of the European Parliament today voted to pass a resolution on the secretly negotiated EU-US trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
India to seek US support to protect herbal knowledge
India will seek the United States’ support for an international treaty to protect its traditional knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs from being patented by other nations at a bilateral trade meeting this week.
No to ISDS!
Web tool to participate — until 6 July 2014 — in the EU consultation on investor-state dispute in TTIP and say NO to ISDS!
EU-India FTA - IP chapter text (draft, date unknown)
Negotiating text on intellectual property for the EU-India FTA. It does not include Article 6 (patents) or have any text for Article 9 (GIs). Date unknown.
India, US sign pacts on investment promotion, sharing traditional knowledge
India and the US have signed two inter-governmental agreements on traditional knowledge, intellectual property and investment promotion during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s first state visit to the US.
India, US to conclude three trade pacts
India and the US on Monday agreed to fast-track and conclude within a given timeframe agreements on enhancing and deepening trade and investment engagement, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cooperation agreement and an agreement for putting in place traditional knowledge digital library.
Trade agreement kills Amazon indians
The recent clash between indigenous peoples and Peruvian national police sends a powerful message from the Amazon jungle straight to Washington: The enormous social, political, and environmental costs of the free-trade model are no longer acceptable.
Revised laws ’could promote biopiracy’ in Peru
Modifications to intellectual property laws that the Peruvian government "rushed through" to enable the go-ahead of a free trade agreement (FTA) between Peru and the United States could facilitate biopiracy and hamper Peru’s position as a protector of traditional knowledge, say experts.
Some Pacific Island countries still not ready for free trade
Not all Pacific Islands countries are ready to open their doors to free trade under the Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA), according to the Pacific Islands ACP Trade Ministers’ Meeting that was held in Fiji this week.
BIO-IPR: Draft EU-Eastern and Southern Africa EPA
A recent draft of the EPA between the EU and 16 Eastern and Southern Africa countries gives a taste of what these treaties might spell out in terms of rights to local biodiversity and traditional knowledge.
FTA paves way for biopiracy
Under CAFTA, indigenous heritage becomes intellectual property for the United States.
FTAs: Trading away traditional knowledge
Traditional knowledge has come up in a dozen or so FTA drafting processes over the last couple of years. In half of those cases, specific provisions on traditional knowledge were signed.
IP standards in US-Peru FTA to affect talks with Colombia and Ecuador?
Critics argue that the biodiversity provisions in the US-Peru FTA do not improve the status quo to effectively tackle concerns over misappropriation of biodiversity and TK.
IPR debate centers on cheap drugs
The heated debate over intellectual property is one of the sticking points in the free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations between Thailand and the United States, which are scheduled to resume next week.
CRS Report for Congress: Andean-US FTA negotiations
Given that CAFTA-DR passed only by a small margin, it is unclear how much support the U.S.-Andean FTA will have.
US, Andean nations narrow differences on IP in trade talks
Andean countries in late November narrowed differences with the United States over intellectual property protections in negotiations over a US-Andean bilateral free trade agreement, but divisions over market access for agriculture have likely delayed a final agreement until next year, at least for Colombia and Ecuador.