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Venezuela to withdraw from Andean trade bloc
Venezuela, which has criticized Andean nations as being overly aligned with the United States, plans to withdraw from the Andean Community of Nations, President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday.
Venezuela accuses US of undermining unity of Andean Community
Venezuela has accused the United States of attempting to undermine the unity of the five-nation Andean Community in the way of free trade deals.
President Chávez is not the problem with CAN, but FTA’s
Rather than any remarks made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, the problem of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) is the execution of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with the United States, Foreign Vice-Minister Pavel Rondón told state TV channel Venezolana de Televisión during an interview.
Venezuela’s Chavez lashes out at free trade pacts while agreeing to El Salvador fuel sales
Chavez argues that US-proposed free-trade pacts would help big US companies at the expense of Latin America’s poor.
Concern in Venezuela about Colombian-US FTA
Coming into force of the Colombian-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has encountered opposing positions in Venezuelan sectors. Three visions prevail -firstly, it is feared that the impact on Colombian-Venezuelan trade will be negative; secondly, there could be a negative impact in the medium term, but a positive one in the short term; last but not least, good prospects are anticipated.
Kenya and Venezuela sign bilateral trade agreement
Kenya has signed an agreement with the Venezuela government to enhance bilateral co-operation between the two countries.
Colombia-US FTA may distort Venezuelan market
Venezuela’s Minister of Industry and Trade Gustavo Márquez thinks that an eventual Free Trade Agreement (FTA) by Colombia and the United States could result in unfair competition to the detriment of Venezuelan commodities.
FTAA off? - Regional heads explore option to US-proposed Free Trade Area
Caribbean leaders are reconsidering the region’s strategic alliances, including a possible free trade agreement with Venezuela as an alternative to the stalled Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) negotiations.
Venezuela gains Mercosur entry, deepening relations
Venezuela today gained entry into the South American trade group Mercosur, a move pursued by President Hugo Chavez to help strengthen regional agreements and thwart a US-sponsored accord for the hemisphere.
Clash of visions for Latin America
It’s Bush vs. Chavez as 33 heads of state meet Friday for Summit of the Americas.
FTAA talks divide Latin American countries
The talks on a future Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) have divided Latin American states into different interest groups prior to the 4th Summit of the Americas to be held in Argentina on Nov. 4-5.
Chavez: Bush beats dead horse with FTAA
Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has accused his US counterpart George W Bush of trying to restore the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which is a dead project, he asserted.
It’s US or us for Andean Pact partners says Venezuelan Trade Minister
An apparently chance remark by a junior trade minister appears to have put Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Alí Rodríguez Araque on something of a spot.
Venezuela to revise undertakings with countries signatories of FTA
Minister of Integration and Foreign Trade Gustavo Márquez declared Tuesday that in the event that the parties to the Andean Community decide to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States, Venezuela will have to revise trade arrangements with those nations.
Investment treaties: the risks of jeopardising economic development, the Bolivarian revolution and participatory democracy
This article analyses some of the potential direct consequences of investment treaties on economic policies implemented by the Venezuelan public authorities
Cuba and Venezuela sign millionaire bilateral trade agreement
Havana and Caracas signed a bilateral trade agreement under which Cuba will purchase more than 412 million dollars worth of Venezuelan products this year.
Iran signs first free trade agreement
Iran’s first free trade agreement was signed during President Mohammad Khatami’s recent visit to Venezuela, said here Tuesday, Economy Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari.
ALBA: Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean
This document is a summary of information on the ALBA published by the Banco the Comercio Exterior (Bancoex)
Cuba and Venezuela slam US Free Trade Area of the Americas
In a new bid to challenge the US backed Free Trade Area of the Americas, Cuban President Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Tuesday announced in Havana an alternative bloc for the region based in mutual cooperation among states rather than in pure pro-market policies.
Vannessa drops all Las Cristinas Venezuelan appeals
In order to meet the requirements to submit its Las Cristanas dispute to international arbitration, junior explorationist Vanessa Ventures [VV] of Calgary, Alberta, has dropped five appeals to Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice.