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The unanswered questions surrounding the US-Colombia FTA
We should all be asking our policymakers some tough questions, like: What will they do when the FTA is passed and it devastates Colombian small-scale farmers and leads to a surge in coca cultivation? What will they do when the FTA is passed and there is an increase in forced displacement? What will they do after the FTA is approved and trade unionists and human rights defenders continue to be threatened and killed?
AJE: Opposition to India-EU trade deal on drugs
India is one of the world’s largest producers of generic drugs. But a proposed Free Trade Agreement with the European Union could curb the supply of affordable drugs to millions of people. Al Jazeera reports from New Delhi
Malaysians protest EU free trade agreements
Hundreds of people protested outside the venue where the second round of free trade negotiations between Malaysia and the European Union were taking place.
The EU and Israel - Or how Brussels learned to love the occupation
Under the leadership of Tony Blair and Catherine Ashton, the EU has increased its connection to Israel’s occupation of Palestine, says David Cronin
Maude Barlow explains why Canadians should oppose the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement otherwise known as CETA
KORUS FTA protested in San Francisco
Citizens and activists joined Kim Kyung-Ran, Director of External Relations for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, in a rally at San Francisco’s new Federal Building to oppose the KORUS deal. Video and photos.
Korea free trade agreement draws protests in SF
Outside the Federal Building at Seventh and Mission streets in San Francisco, California Fair Trade Coalition Director Tim Robertson beat the drum against the proposed free trade agreement with Korea.
South Korean farmers protest against free trade agreement with US
South Korean farmers staged a protest on Wednesday, urging their government to abolish the US- South Korea free trade agreement.
Trade Invaders - how big business is driving the EU-India free trade talks
This video illustrates how, in the EU-India FTA negotiations, the EU Commission and the Indian government have handed the agenda over to corporate lobby groups. This big-business-first agenda will put at risk the livelihoods of millions of small farmers, street traders and patients.
Video clips: Briefing on EU-India FTA
The Forum against FTAs organised a briefing meeting to raise concerns and interact with Communist Party of India Member of Parliament, D. Raja and Green Party Member of the European Parliament, Ms Franziska Keller. We have made a set of 8 clips that give an account of the issues raised during the briefing meeting.
Protesters march during APEC Summit
Some marched through the streets protesting against the free-trade talks hosted by the Asia-Pacific leaders, saying it will threaten Japan’s agricultural sector.
Anti-APEC demonstrations in Yokohama
Photos and video of anti-APEC demonstrations in Yokohama on 13 November 2010
MSF protest over EU India trade talks
MSF staff and supporters rally outside the offices of the European Commission to deliver an open letter of protest against ongoing trade talks between the European Union and India that could damage access to affordable medicines.
Protest action against the EU-India FTA - Brussels
Against the backdrop of the 8th ASEM, the Belgian Platform for Action on Health and Solidarity held a protest action against the EU-India FTA during the Asia-Europe People’s Forum, in front of the European Commission in Brussels on 4 October 2010.
People living with HIV lathi charged & arrested during demonstration against the EU-India FTA
As DNP+ members were proceeding towards the final “die in”, the Delhi police lathi charged (hit them with sticks) the HIV+ people and finally picked up five of the protestors. Few of the HIV+ people including a person suffering from spinal TB were beaten up by the police.
South Korean farmers protest against free trade with China
Chanting slogans, shaving their heads and painting banners using their own blood, more than 10,000 farmers gathered in downtown Seoul for the biggest rally by the farmers this year.
Trade agreement backed by MEPs
MEPs have broadly welcomed new safeguard measures being brought in as part of a free trade agreement between the EU and South Korea.
Indian milk protests could harm Free Trade deal
Shiv Shena protestors angry over their government’s dairy deal with NZ giant Fonterra drained valuable milk from a tanker and are threatening to torch a Fonterra shipment next month.
IFG and allies rally for "New deal or no deal" at TPP talks in SF
International Forum on Globalisation protest at TPP negotiations in San Francisco
Stop the shameful EU-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
Already this year, more than 30 union activists have been murdered.