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Japan, Vietnam to launch EPA talks in January 2007
The Japanese government plans to launch talks with Vietnam in January 2007 on concluding a bilateral economic partnership agreement featuring a free trade agreement, government sources said Wednesday.
Banking legislation up to international standards
Banking legislation has been on par with international standards. That was the message from a conference on the effects of the Vietnam-US Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) on Vietnam’s economic development from 2001-05.
Japan eyes launching FTA talks with India, Vietnam next year
Japan wants to launch separate talks with India and Vietnam next year to develop bilateral free trade agreements, reflecting new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push to expand such pacts through Asia, a news report said Thursday.
Workshop discusses competitiveness of Viet Nam’s farm produce in China
Viet Nam’s farm produce are facing challenges in the Chinese market as a result of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (AC-FTA), in particular stronger competition from the products of other ASEAN countries.
Hanoi sets Japan talks
The prime ministers of Japan and Vietnam agreed Monday to launch talks on a free trade agreement between the two countries, Japanese officials said.
Changes sought in Vietnam trade pact
As the US textile industry’s Washington-based lobbyists continue with their efforts to get modifications in the US-Vietnam bilateral trade agreement, the National Council of Textile Organizations issued a statement saying Vietnam’s textile and apparel imports to the United States are growing faster than those of any other country.
Could US firms be left in the cold?
US enterprises are chafing at the bit to get into Vietnam, yet many business heads are concerned that if Congress does not establish permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with their former foe, then firms from other countries will have a trade advantage.
Vietnamese, Japanese governments sign scientific co-operation agreement
The agreement signed between the two governments will facilitate exchanges of information and scientists and technicians providing training to improve professional skills and the protection of intellectual property rights.
Consider everyone’s interest in FTA, says Vietnam
Vietnam wants ASEAN to weigh the interest of all its members before deciding on the Asean Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with its six East Asia partners, an official said Sunday.
Chile eyes Viet Nam free trade deal
Viet Nam will receive priority under Chile’s plans to develop its free trade agreement (FTA), according to the Chilean Foreign Ministry’s External Economic Department.
Thailand : US FTAs push Thai garment exporter out of the country
Thai garment manufacturers are currently on tenter hooks as the US goes about concluding Free Trade Agreements with different countries having apparel and textile manufacturing bases.
USTR to press Congress on Oman, Peru, Vietnam trade deals
US trade officials will concentrate on getting Congress to approve trade agreements with Oman, Peru and Vietnam in the run-up to mid-term elections this autumn, a US trade official said Tuesday.
Japan Inc smitten by Vietnam
Japanese firms’ investment spree in Vietnam comes amid an increasing number of free-trade agreements (FTAs) being concluded or negotiated in East Asia.
White House upbeat on Vietnam trade pact
The Bush administration expressed optimism Monday that a recently completed trade agreement with Vietnam can be signed by early June and supporting legislation can win congressional approval this summer.
Trade deal to bring harsh competition to Vietnam
Vietnam’s trade deal with the United States — meant to facilitate Vietnam’s accession to the WTO — lowers Hanoi’s tariffs on US industrial and farm products and removes other barriers that block US companies in the telecommunications, retailing, banking, insurance and energy sectors.
Japan, Vietnam agree to start official FTA talks
Japan and Vietnam agreed on Friday to launch formal negotiations aimed at sealing a bilateral free trade agreement later this year.
Viet Nam, Japan start second FTA study session in Tokyo
Viet Nam and Japan began their second study session in Tokyo on April 26 to explore the possibility of signing a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
Vietnam: FTA or not?
As Vietnam’s bid to join the WTO comes to its conclusion, economic experts are drawing the public’s attention to another topic: What should Vietnam do about free trade agreements (FTA) within ASEAN?
Viet Nam, Japan prepare for negotiations on bilateral FTA
Vietnamese and Japanese commerce experts will meet in Ha Noi from Feb. 16-18 in preparation for negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries, and a meeting at higher level will be held by the end of this year, according to the Trade Ministry.