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Vietnam: FTA or not?
As Vietnam’s bid to join the WTO comes to its conclusion, economic experts are drawing the public’s attention to another topic: What should Vietnam do about free trade agreements (FTA) within ASEAN?
Viet Nam, Japan prepare for negotiations on bilateral FTA
Vietnamese and Japanese commerce experts will meet in Ha Noi from Feb. 16-18 in preparation for negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries, and a meeting at higher level will be held by the end of this year, according to the Trade Ministry.
Vietnam, Japan to start FTA negotiations
Vietnam and Japan will begin their first round of negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) in mid-February, local media on Monday quoted sources from the Vietnamese Trade Ministry.
Rice gets in way of FTA deal
Thailand said it had refused to sign a trade agreement between South Korea and ASEAN, insisting that rice be included on the list of goods facing tariff cuts.
What is the cost for missing the WTO train?
Is Vietnam capable of signing an FTA when the essence of such an agreement is WTO++, with rules based on WTO rules? If we have not joined the WTO yet, how can we reach an FTA with Japan?
Nation up against last WTO barrier
Viet Nam was awaiting the removal of the last major barrier to its entry to the World Trade Organisation - the successful conclusion of bilateral negotiations with the United States - Deputy Trade Minister Luong Van Tu has told a Vietnam News Agency correspondent.
Vietnam and RoK sign bilateral co-operation agreement
Investment promotion agencies of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK) reached an agreement on bilateral co-operation in Hanoi on December 13.
Vietnam, Japan conclude WTO talks, eye FTA
Vietnam and Japan yesterday concluded bilateral negotiations over the former’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) while agreeing to hold preliminary talks on a bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA).
Japan, Vietnam agree to begin FTA negotiations as soon as possible
Japan and Vietnam agreed Friday to begin full-fledged negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement as soon as necessary conditions are met, Japan’s trade minister said.
Ensuring rights of distributors
Exclusive rights to distribute particular products in Viet Nam will be addressed in a new decree being drafted by the Ministry of Trade. The draft Decree on Trading Enterprises promises to be the first of several regulations addressing the concerns of foreign-invested enterprises seeking guarantee of distribution rights in Viet Nam.
Singapore, Vietnam shows interest in enhancing ties with India
Singapore and Vietnam today showed keen interest in enhancing trade ties with India in view of the immense opportunities for investors here.
US supports Vietnam’s WTO bid, works toward FTA
The United States fully supports Vietnam’s efforts to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), said US Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Marine at a press conference in Washington on May 25.
Vietnam-US: Former enemies to become WTO buddies
With the painful chapter of war between them closed, both Vietnam and the United States seem to be moving to new horizons in the realm of business relations.
Twelve-country report on FTAs
A report on the status of FTA fever in 12 Asian countries: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.
Viet Nam eyes more FTA involvement
Viet Nam will start its first round of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with Japan and South Korea next year, as well as prepare for negotiations with Australia and New Zealand in the near future, said a Ministry of Trade official on Monday.
EU bilateral trade negotiations: state of play
Overview of Bilateral Negotiations 2004 involving Trade Agreements: State of Play 27 July
North Korea and Vietnam sign banking pact to boost trade
North Korea has signed a banking pact with Vietnam as it moves to boost bilateral trade with a fellow communist country, an official from North Korea’s embassy in Hanoi said today.
US-Vietnam FTA