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West African Economic and Monetary Union

Africa’s bumpy road to regional economic cooperation
Countries of West Africa have an uphill task before them on the political and economic fronts. Recent events have proved rather distressing and they clearly signpost greater causes for worries about the sub-region’s future.
Employers’ associations deliberate on EPA and regional integration
The Federation of Employers’ Associations of West Africa has organised a capacity building workshop to inform, sensitise and train members on their Annual Operation Plan.
West Africa: Regional EPA targets October
The European Union and the West African countries have agreed to conclude a regional agreement on trade in goods and development cooperation by October 2009.
Nigeria "threatens" neighbours in wake of bilateral EPAs
West African states are working at salvaging regional relations with a renewed attempt to collectively negotiate an economic partnership agreement (EPA) with the European Union.
Algeria seeks free trade deal with West African countries
Algeria is working on signing free trade agreements with the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) countries, the union said in a statement Monday.
EPAs are a slap in the faces of poor countries, CSOs warn
The Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), currently negotiated being between African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACPs) and the European Union are set to further reduce incomes of farmers and agric-related employees by 50-60%, anti-EPAs campaigners have said.
EPAs: EU and West Africa agree next phase of negotiations
EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson met with West African Ministers on 27 October to agree on the next phase of the Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations between the two regions. Ministers agreed to start negotiations in 2006.
Labour: The spread of bilateral trade agreements
This report looks at major Customs Unions, Free Trade Areas, and economic association agreements around the world, with particular attention to any clauses covering social issues, core labour standards and trade union participation.