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Chile is one of the Latin American countries most actively pursuing bilateral trade agreements

Chile has signed more or less comprehensive free trade agreements with the US, Canada, the European Union, EFTA, South Korea, Japan, Central America and Mexico. In June 2005, it finalized a four-way deal with Pacific neighbours Brunei, New Zealand, and Singapore (P-4). In June 2006, it signed an FTA with Panama. In February 2010, it signed one with Guatemala.

Chile is the first Latin American country to have sealed an FTA on goods with China (2005) and since early 2007 has been working with Beijing on an expansion of the deal to cover services and investment. Further agreements in this regard were reached during President Bachelet’s visit to China in April 2008. The services deal came into force in August 2010.

Chile also has bilateral “economic complementation agreements“ with Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Mercosur, as well as a partial agreement with Cuba.

In 2008, Chile signed FTAs with Australia, Honduras, and Colombia while expanding its agreements with Peru and Cuba.

In March 2011, Chile’s FTA with Turkey came into force, and in April 2012, an FTA with Malaysia came into force. Negotiations with Thailand, Vietnam, India and Hong Kong are still ongoing.

last update: May 2012

Photo: Jose Pereira

Chile: Activists try to block start of Pascua Lama mine
As Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold gets ready to start construction at the Pascua Lama mine, straddling the Argentine-Chilean border, activists in Chile are scrambling to block the ambitious mining project while calling for an investigation of supposed irregularities committed in the approval process.
Chile hopes to sign FTA with Vietnam soon
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said Friday she hoped Vietnam and Chile will soon sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as the two countries have come into concurrence on many important issues during FTA negotiations.
Chile to sign trade agreement with India
Chile which favours free trade agreements with as many countries as possible to boost its overall trade volume, does not see any problem if a similar kind of trade agreement is signed with India.
Chile, Turkey finish FTA talks
Chile and Turkey finished the last round of negotiations on a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA), announced Friday the Chilean Foreign Ministry.
Foxley arrives in Australia to sign Free Trade Agreement
Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley arrived in Sydney, Australia today, where he will attend various activities, which include the signing of a Free Trade Agreement with the nation.
Chile, Turkey end another round of FTA talks
Chile and Turkey ended the second round of negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement on Friday, the Chilean Foreign Ministry said, adding that "It’s very important to integrate the private sectors in this process, because they will take advantage of the FTA."
Chile-Uruguay sign strategic association; rap EU on migration
The Strategic Association Agreement signed by both countries promotes trade relations and cooperation in foreign affairs regarding shared principles in areas such as global trade, UN security policies and human rights.
Chile extends a warm hand, offers FTA with India
Even as the Brazilian Parliament is yet to ratify the India-Mercusor Preferential Trade Agreement signed by its President Lula in 2004, another South American country, Chile, has thrown a surprise on Tuesday, suggesting that it was willing to upgrade its Preferential Trade Agreement with India, signed in 2006, to the level of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Panama and Chile to start free trade
Panama and Chile will implement a bilateral free trade agreement on March 7, signed by both countries, the Panamanian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday.
Chilean legislature approves free trade agreement with Japan
The Chilean legislature late Tuesday approved a free trade agreement with Japan that will likely be signed into law when President Michelle Bachelet’s visits Tokyo in September.