• AANZFTA website
    Official website of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand free trade agreement
  • ACP
    African Caribbean Pacific secretariat with information on EPAs
  • AGOA
  • ALE du Maroc
    Accords de Libre Echange du Maroc
  • Alianza del Pacífico
    Una iniciativa de integración regional neoliberal conformada por Chile, Colombia, México y Perú
    Site web de la CEDEAO sur l’APE Afrique de l’Ouest-Union Européenne
    A matrix of all FTAs and RTAs between APEC member countries, and another of those between APEC members and non-APEC members, with active links to the agreements themselves.
  • Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Agreements Database (APTIAD)
    Maintained by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
  • Australia FTAs at DFAT
    Australian government webpage on Australia FTAs
  • Australia-ASEAN-New Zealand FTA
    An Australian government webpage on the Australia-ASEAN-New Zealand FTA negotiations, agreed to end 2004 and begun early 2005.
  • Australia-Japan FTA at MOFA
    Japanese government webpage on Australia-Japan FTA
    Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Sri Lanka-Thailand Economic Cooperation (also includes Nepal and Bhutan)
  • Canada’s BITs and FTAs
    Canada’s bilateral investment treaties (Foreign Investment Protection and Promotions Acts) and free trade agreements
  • Canada-Colombia FTA (2008)
    Signed 21 November 2008 and pending ratification
  • China FTA Network
    Official website on China’s FTAs, maintained by MOFCOM
    Database of all FTAs entered into by the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.)
  • EFTA Secretariat
    Website of the EFTA Secretariat
  • España: los APPRI
    Acuerdos de Promoción y Protección Reciproca de Inversiones firmados por el gobierno español
  • EU negotiating texts in TTIP
    New web page from the European Commission containing fact sheets and proposed legal text for TTIP
  • EU Science & Technology Cooperation Agreements
  • EU-Korea FTA SIA
    The EU-Korea FTA Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) is intended to produce studies in order to provide a deeper understanding of the sustainability impacts of the trade and investment aspects of the Free Trade Agreement and of the mechanisms through which they might affect both the EU and Korea.
  • EU-Mediterranean trade relations
    EU overview of EMFTA process and goals
  • European Union DG Trade
  • FTAA
    Free Trade Area of the Americas official website (in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English)
  • Global Preferential Trade Agreements Database
    The Global Preferential Trade Agreements Database (GPTAD) provides information on preferential trade agreements (PTAs) around the world, including agreements that have not been notified to the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is designed to help trade policy makers, scholars, and business operators better understand and navigate the world of PTAs. The database was developed jointly by the World Bank and the Center for International Business.
  • IBSA
    Official website of the initiative to foster trilateral integration (including an FTA) between India, Brazil and South Africa
    International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes is an autonomous international organisation, linked to the World Bank. It is the most ’referred to’ arbitration facility for disputes under bilateral trade and investment agreements, with its own set of rules and procedures.
  • Japan Science & Technology agreements
    MOFA website with news and links
  • Japan’s JTEPA page
    Webpage on JTEPA hosted by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Japan-ASEAN FTA
    Official webpage on the Japan-ASEAN FTA maintained by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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