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The governments of Japan and India started negotiating a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement in January 2007. They concluded the deal in 2011.

last update: May 2012

Indo-Jap FTA: Data exclusivity threat to generics
Amid fresh talks on the India-Japan free trade agreement (FTA), concerns are being expressed about certain measures that could hamper generic drugs and access to medicines.
India, Japan to start fresh talks on 29 September
India and Japan will start a fresh round of talks on a free trade agreement on 29 September after discussions in January remained inconclusive because the countries failed to find common ground on a few contentious issues.
India seeks easy entry for drug cos in Japan
India is set to ask Japan to facilitate the entry of Indian pharmaceutical companies in the world’s second-largest drug market. The matter will be raised when the two sides discuss a bilateral comprehensive economic partnership agreement.
Japan trade pact talks move forward
The negotiations for the India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) have gained momentum with the two sides moving towards a deal on allowing Indian companies that make low-cost drugs to sell in Japan.
Japan’s demand for unilateral QFB status holds up trade pact
The comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA) being negotiated between India and Japan has hit a roadblock with the latter proposing that five of its banks be given qualified full banking (QFB) status by India. On its part, though, Japan is not keen on offering similar status to Indian banks on the ground that they don’t measure up to Japanese standards.
Aso bats for EPA with India
India and Japan have made "substantative progress" in their negotiations on the proposed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), says Prime Minister Taro Aso but the pact is unlikely to be signed during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Tokyo.
Japan trade deal unlikely this year
The proposed India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), involving trade in goods, services and investments, is unlikely to be signed this year.
Japan trade talks with India hit bottleneck: Official
Prospects of Japan and India reaching a free-trade deal in time for a leaders’ summit this month have weakened, with a number of areas in dispute, a Japanese negotiator said on Thursday.
Indo-Japan CEPA put on fast track ahead of PM visit
A number of issues in the proposed India-Japan comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA) are yet to be resolved, but efforts will be made to sort them out so that an announcement on the signing of the agreement could be made during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Japan later this month.
Unresolved issues aplenty before India-Japan FTA
Despite India’s hope of concluding the Indo-Japan free trade agreement (FTA) in the next round of talks in New Delhi in September this year, there still remains a whole gamut of unresolved issues concerning market access for Indian exports to Japan.