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The governments of Japan and India started negotiating a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement in January 2007. They concluded the deal in 2011.

last update: May 2012
Photo: Government of India, licensed under the Government Open Data License - India (GODL)

India asking for renegotiation of FTAs with Japan, S.Korea -trade minister
India has asked Japan and South Korea to renegotiate their free-trade agreements (FTAs) with the South Asian nation to make it “more balanced and equitable”, India’s trade minister said amid a widening trade gap with the countries.
India, Japan plan virtual biz meet to bolster trade, investments
New Delhi is keen on a review of the India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) to improve market access for Indian goods.
CEPA Review: India wants pact revision; Japan proposes corrections within existing framework
India has sought a review of the India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) to improve market access for Indian goods and check the growing bilateral trade imbalance.
’Steel should be excluded from FTA ambit with Japan, Korea’
Steel products should be excluded from the ambit of FTA with Japan and Korea as these countries are flooding the Indian market, taking advantage of concessional duty rates at the cost of domestic firms, industry body Assocham said today.
Pharma exports: India asks Japan to remove non-tariff barriers
India has asked Japan to remove all non-tax barriers to help the domestic industry take advantage of the comprehensive free-trade agreement and increase share in the Japanese market.
It’s advantage Tokyo in India-Japan economic pact
Though it is too early to arrive at definite conclusions, the trend signals Tokyo successfully using tariff cuts to penetrate deeper into the Indian market for goods.
India to cut duties on diesel engines, gearboxes from Japan
At a time when India and the EU are struggling to negotiate duty cuts on automobiles, New Delhi will drastically reduce tariffs on diesel engines and gear boxes from Japan under their free trade pact.
FTA with India may prevent Japan firms’ moving via export rise
A free trade agreement between Japan and India, due to take effect on Monday, may help prevent some Japan companies from moving overseas through an increase in exports, a senior Japan Bank for International Cooperation official in New Delhi says.
Japan, India sign trade accord to cut tariffs as Asian investment expands
Japan and India signed an economic agreement that will abolish tariffs on 94 percent of trade over 10 years as each country expands its investment in Asia.
India EPA gives firms fighting chance
With Japan and India having finally signed an economic partnership agreement Monday, Japanese companies are expected to go on the offensive in emerging markets where they face fierce competition from South Korean and other rivals.