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The governments of Japan and India started negotiating a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement in January 2007. They concluded the deal in 2011.

last update: May 2012
Photo: Government of India, licensed under the Government Open Data License - India (GODL)

Cabinet gives nod for Indo-Japan free trade pact
The pact is expected to open up access of Indian pharma companies to the Japanese drugs market. However sensitive farm products like rice have been kept out of the deal.
India closes in on free trade deal with Japan
India on Tuesday moved one step closer to signing a free trade agreement with Japan as the Indian cabinet cleared the deal
Indian farmers against Indo-Japan EPA
A common platform of several farmers groups, the Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers Movements, has charged the Central government with complete lack of transparency on the implications of the proposed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement or CEPA with Japan and the inclusion of agriculture on its agenda.
Indian groups protest secret Japan-India CEPA
Groups in India along with the Forum Against FTAs raise their voices as the Government of India gave an in-principle agreement to the CEPA with Japan in complete secrecy last week
India-Japan trade pact to leave IP laws untouched
The India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement will not call for any amendments to the existing intellectual property laws in either of the partner countries, according to government sources.
Japan, India reach basic free trade accord
Asian economic powers Japan and India broadly agreed Thursday on a free trade deal that aims to reduce most tariffs between the two nations in a decade, Japanese foreign minister Katsuya Okada said.
India, Japan discuss ways to conclude FTA soon
India, Japan on Thursday discussed ways for early conclusion of their proposed bilateral free trade pact to liberalise commerce.
Japan, India meet to lay groundwork for reaching FTA
Senior government officials from Japan and India held talks Thursday in Tokyo to lay the groundwork for reaching a bilateral free trade agreement that would provide Japanese goods and services greater access to the world’s second-most populous market.
India, Japan likely to seal trade pact in October: Anand Sharma
India and Japan are likely to sign an ambitious bilateral market opening pact to enhance their $10.4 billion trade during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to that country in October.
Japan, India to agree on FTA by year-end: sources
Japan and India are expected to reach a bilateral free trade agreement by the end of this year, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.