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Peru is one of the Latin American countries which, within its neoliberal economic policy approach, has gone the furthest in pursuing FTAs in recent years.

In addition to the FTA with the US and negotiation of an Association Agreement with the EU, Peru signed an FTA with Canada in January 2007.

In November 2008, it concluded negotiations on an FTA with China. Many analysts think that China’s strategy is to use Peru as a Latin American beachhead for its products.

In its frenetic race to sign FTAs, Peru is carrying on negotiations with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA, consisting of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein), Australia, India, Morocco, Israel and Russia. In addition, at the last APEC meeting in November 2008, it initiated its integration into the P4/P4 (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership).

Despite his anti-FTA discourse, Ollanta Humala, the new Peruvian president since July 2011, has been carrying out the same policy that was carried out by Alan Garcia.

In the course of 2011, Peru signed FTAs with Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala and EFTA. In 2012, it is expected that the FTAs with the EU, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and Costa Rica will come into force.

last update: May 2012

Peru : FTA wih Canada nearing conclusion
Peru’s Foreign Minister Ms Mercedes Araoz made an announcement to the effect that Peru and Canada were close to concluding negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement.
Peru willing to strengthen cooeration with China
Peru is willing to further deepen cooperation with China by striking deals in various fields, the country’s top lawmaker said.
Peru-Mexico to negotiate free trade agreement (FTA) in September
Peru and Mexico will begin negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on September 17. Because Peru’s agricultural products do not directly compete with Mexican products, it is hoped that agreements will be reached.
Peru, China to negotiate FTA early 2008
Peru and China will begin negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in the first months of 2008
Peruvian leader for toughening ties with Chile
Peruvian President Alan Garcia rejected the demand made by opposition leader Ollanta Humala to freeze an economic agreement with Chile until the border dispute is solved.
Peru, China interested in bilateral FTA
President of Peru Alan Garcia and member of the Permanent Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, Li Changchun, confirmed on Friday the common interest to negotiate a bilateral free trade agreement.
Peru’s Garcia: 7% increase in economy not enough, promotes FTA with China
Recent news that informed of a 7% increase in Peru’s economy was not to the liking of Peruvian President Alan Garcia.
Peru, China to start trade talks this year
Peru and China are expected to begin free trade talks this year with expert-level discussion to open next month, Peru’s Tourism and Foreign Trade Minister Mercedes Araoz said Thursday.
Peru, China to view viability of free trade deal
Peru and China on Thursday took a first official step toward a free trade agreement that would unite one of giant Latin American metals producer and the world’s most voracious consumer.
Evo Morales rejects US-boosted FTAs
Bolivian President Evo Morales rejected on Monday the free trade agreements the United States is trying to impose on the regional nations, considering them overwhelming for small economies, and counterpoised the Trade Agreement with the Peoples.