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Having signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement on 10 May 2004, the US and Malaysia agreed in early 2006 to start negotiating a bilateral Free Trade Agreement. US negotiators indicated that they expected to conclude talks by the end of 2006 but that was not to be.

The Malaysian government has been putting up a fight on various issues such as government procurement (which Malaysia does not want to open to US participation) and its Bumiputra policy (giving special preferences to ethnic Malays). Social movements, on the other hand, reject the talks particularly in terms of the implications of a deal on access to medicines, intellectual property and Malaysia’s autonomy to set policies. The negotiations have stalled since 2009, and are now effectively on ice.

last update: May 2012

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Stop FTA talks and talk to the people
Before and after every round of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations, the US Trade Representative provides briefings and reports to business and industry groups in that country. Why is the Malaysian government not disclosing any information on the talks to its own people?
Groups worried over FTA with US
For people living with HIV/AIDS, access to anti-retroviral drugs is a crucial factor in helping them lengthen their lives.
FTAs won’t stop subtle forms of discrimination
A reflexive response to a difficult question is to say that it’s a good question. The ruse provides time for the person questioned to come up with an answer, or avoid embarrassment, or to plainly gloss it over.
M’sia among top priority countries for US in FTA negotiations
Malaysia is among the few countries given priority by the United States in its free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations before the expiry of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), said US Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab.
AMCHAM M’sia denies patent provisions in US FTAs
The American-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM Malaysia) Thursday refuted press reports that the US Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in Chile and Singapore seeks to extend patents for 30 to 40 years through TRIPS-Plus.
US Trade Rep ’Cautiously Optimistic’ Of Mutually-beneficial FTA
The US Trade Representative is "cautiously optimistic" that the US and Malaysia will be able to conclude a mutually-beneficial free trade agreement (FTA) during the remaining rounds of the negotiations despite the tight deadline.
M’sia & US Agree Not To Rush Into Signing FTA
Malaysia and the United States have agreed not to rush into concluding a mutually-beneficial free trade agreement (FTA) until both parties are satisfied with what was being negotiated.
Malaysian manufacturers wary of US move on patents
Malaysian manufacturers are wary of any move by the US to incorporate software patents and pharmaceutical patents in ongoing Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks between the US and Malaysia.
Malays ’have right to Malaysia’
Malaysia on Monday said it would issue a "big fat no" to any nation or group that asked it to dismantle a system of positive discrimination for its majority ethnic Malays as part of trade talks.
FTAs won’t change bumi policy
The Government will not give up its affirmative action policy to help bumiputra contractors even if it agrees on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States, said Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz.


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