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Accuse U.S. of violations regarding Free Trade

Dominican Today, Dominican Republic

Accuse U.S. of violations regarding Free Trade

3 July 2006

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Latin American Pharmaceutical Industries, Hochi Vega, accused Washington today of violating prior agreements instrumented for implementing the DR-CAFTA free trade accord.

Vega considered that, in the process, the White House intends to change rules for the Dominican Republic relative to medication registrations.

The official said that it is unacceptable that the United States should try to modify the DR-CAFTA agreement.

He added that the trade agreement document did not establish that it was mandatory for countries to demand from their respective health authorities to divulge unpublished information on safety and effectiveness of medications.

The pharmaceutical association had recently denounced that Washington was trying to change rules regarding registration of medications in the country, with the objective to handing over a five-year monopoly to U.S. industries.