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ACP-EU relations: The development challenge of EPAs

ACP-EU Relations: The Development Challenge of EPAs

The South Centre, in partnership with a consortium of ACP and European NGOs, is organizing a high-level conference on negotiations related to Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). NGO co-hosts include: Africa Trade Network, CPDC, Christian Aid, ICCO, 11.11.11, Oxfam International and Traidcraft. The purpose of this conference is to provide a platform for ACP governments to voice their views on these negotiations, in particular in the light of the EPAs review expected before the end of this year. Ministers from various ACP regions will participate in this event, whose audience will also comprise: European Member State policy-makers and parliamentarians, as well as representatives from the European Parliament and European Commission, intergovernmental agencies, journalists and civil society. This conference will take place in Brussels on the 12 October 2006


Press Release: Ministers and NGOs call for urgent action on proposed EU trade deals (5 October 2006)

 source: South Centre