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Beginner’s guide to the EU trade and investment policy

Seattle to Brussels Network | December 2012

Beginner’s guide to the EU trade and Investment Policy

The Seattle to Brussels Network developed this Trade Reader as a beginners guide to the EU trade and investment policy. It is written in English and translations are being finalised in French. Some of the key articles have been also translated into Arabic, in order to raise awareness of the EU policy in Arab and Mediterranean Countries, especially after the EU launched its Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. Edited by Roeline Knottnerus with the fundamental support of TNI, the reader is the fruit of a collective effort of S2B Members; trade activists and other organisations and trade activists. The reaser is composed by the following articles:

- Introduction (English, Arabic)
- Between WTO and FTAs: the EU’s trade policy at the multilateral and the bilateral level (English, Arabic)
- ACTA: the Anti-Counterfeiting trade Agreement (English)
- EU Deep and Comprehensive Trade Agreements: A Threat to the Aspirations of the Arab Spring (English, Arabic)
- Europe’s agricultural policy and its impacts on food security (English)
- The EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) towards a new FTA template (English)
- Climate and Trade: an Introduction to Issues of Conflict and Convergence (English)
- Sailing under the big business flag: corporate lobbyists and the EU Commission are fellow passengers when it comes to setting trade policy (English, Arabic)
- EPAs: the EU’s failure to impose comprehensive, deep integration agreements on Africa And the Pacific (English)
- The FTA between the EU and Colombia/Peru (English)
- The EU-India FTA: a threat to basic human rights (English)
- Financial services liberalisation in EU trade agenda (English)
- The impact of EU trade Policy on labour standards (English)
- Influencing Trade policy: an uphill struggle (English, Arabic)
- Investment protection as a common EU competence: a new threat to sustainable development (English, Arabic)
- EU trade and investment policies: a new resource grab? (English)
- Trading away Public Services? (English)

 source: S2B Network