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100 organizations from around the world call on Ecuador to defend its sovereignty against international arbitration: No to ISDS!
Various organisations express their support for Ecuador’s rejection of international arbitration tribunals in a gesture of international solidarity.
Farmers ride tractors into central London in major protest over trade deals
The organisers claim trading arrangments will ‘decimate’ British farming and damage UK food security
Reject EU-PH FTA as serious concerns continue to hound ambitious corporate trade deal
Trade Justice Pilipinas questions and challenges the assertion of the Philippine government that this EU-Philippines FTA will be beneficial to the Philippines, particularly the Filipino working classes. It is high time that the government abandon the already discredited free market ideology.
Trade agreements’ influence on the global mineral transition in critical raw materials
Trade agreements shape the global minerals transition by determining access to essential raw materials, influencing investment decisions, and enforcing environmental and social regulations. This article examines the underlying agenda of trade agreements in shaping the global minerals transition, including how they affect the distribution of benefits and risks.
Over 200 European organisations urge immediate suspension of the EU-Israel association agreement amidst Gaza crisis
About 200 European civil society groups, presented a petition to the EU Commission, the EU Council, and the European Parliament, calling for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.
Sign the petition to stop investors like Clive Palmer from suing our government for billions over climate change policies
Some international trade agreements allow foreign investors to sue the Australian government if a change in law or policy reduces their profits, even if the change protects public health or the environment.
Open letter: Suspending trade agreements and negotiations in response to the ICJ ruling on Gaza
UK groups call on the UK government to suspend trade privileges, agreements and negotiations with Israel.
50,000 people say another world is possible
Together with GRAIN, Local Futures organized the aforementioned workshop ‘Resisting Free Trade Agreements in South Asia’, which brought together activists from South Asian countries to confront the massive proliferation of free trade agreements
Farmers’ protest: March to restart amid tight security at Delhi’s borders
The farmers want India to withdraw from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and scrap all free trade agreements.
How people power forced the UK to leave the Energy Charter Treaty
On 22 February 2024 the UK announced it will leave the climate-wrecking Energy Charter Treaty.
Farmers’ Protest: Why are farmers demanding India’s withdrawal from WTO?
Farmers started protesting with a new set of demands including India’s withdrawal from the World Trade Organization and scrapping all Free Trade Agreements.
Suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement!
In light of the deaths and suffering endured by the Palestinian people, a number of civil society organisations came together to draft a letter to European Union decision makers seeking the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.
ECVC demands from Place du Luxembourg, Brussels: End free trade agreements and ensure fair prices for farmers
Hundreds of farmers from European Coordination Via Campesina have assembled with their tractors in Place du Luxembourg, Brussels, alongside more than 30 civil society organisations to call for an end to the EU-Mercosur deal and other free trade agreements.
How a US mining firm sued Mexico for billions – for trying to protect its own seabed
Local fishers helped halt underwater mining off Baja California’s coast in 2018. But then an obscure international legal process was put into motion.
Rejection of free trade agreements and the demand for a decent income at the heart of farmers’ mobilizations in Europe
We demand an immediate end to negotiations on the FTA with MERCOSUR countries and a moratorium on all other FTAs currently being negotiated.
North Americanism turns 30
NAFTA and USMCA have dramatically reshaped Mexico.
Daya Laxmi: “Free Trade Agreements affect and victimize peasant groups”
Women from all around the world organize the struggle against capitalism and neoliberalism. In the South Asia region, these forces—in the form of free trade agreements (FTA)—play a huge role in the impoverishment of peasants and women in rural and urban areas.
Mexico must stand up to agribusiness oligopolies on GM corn ban
US and Canadian civil society groups are denouncing their own governments’ efforts, driven by the agribusiness industry, to repeal Mexico’s proposed ban on genetically modified corn.
Peoples’ economic sovereignty and human rights protection must be prioritized over Indonesia-EU CEPA negotiation
The Indonesian Civil Society Coalition for Economic Justice (MKE) urges the Government of Indonesia to stop free trade negotiations with the European Union by adhering to the main principles of international cooperation in accordance with the Constitution.