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Canada-Korea FTA would destroy jobs in all provinces and regions

Canadian Auto Workers | October 23, 2007

Canada-Korea FTA would destroy jobs in all provinces and regions

If the Canadian federal government proceeds with a free trade agreement with Korea as promised, the impact on Canadian communities would be disastrous, according to a new study released by the CAW on October 23.

The study was launched at a press conference in coordination with an all-party lobby effort, as CAW leaders, including CAW President Buzz Hargrove, met with Members of Parliament from across the country, demanding that they recognize the economic damage a Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement could cause and bring an end to Canada-Korea FTA talks.

The study, “Provincial Employment Effects of Canada-Korea Free Trade,” finds the job loss would be most acute in Ontario and Quebec, with an expected loss of approximately 17,400 jobs and 8,300 jobs respectively. Even resource-rich provinces like Alberta and British Columbia could lose thousands of jobs.

Hargrove was joined by Quebec Director Luc Desnoyers and concerned elected officials Michael Harding, Mayor of the City of Woodstock and Co-chair of the Ontario Mayors for Automotive Investment, Brian McMullan, Mayor of the City of St. Catharines as well as Windsor City Councillor Ken Lewenza Jr.

To read the complete study, visit: goingcampaigns/ korea/pdfs/Ko reaFTAProvincialEFfects.pdf

 source: CAW