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Canada ISDS roundup

Just before Christmas, Canadian copper miner First Quantum, in an ongoing spat with the Panamanian government over royalties, launched two ISDS cases against the state.

IPEF is prosperity for the TNCs, degrades peoples’ interests

With the pressing issues of rising prices of basic commodities, the declining real wages and purchasing power of workers, and the destruction of local agriculture, the IPEF and its Four Pillars will degrade the lives of the people and the planet.

“We reject the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework!”

APWLD members and partners attending the APWLD Convening on Trade and Corporate Power in Asia Pacific in Chiang Mai, Thailand stand together to oppose the IPEF which is currently on its first round of negotiations in Australia.

NTW on IPEF for Brisbane 10 Dec 2022

Māori communities will be impacted upon by almost every pillar of IPEF. We will therefore be monitoring closely and exercising influence over all those elements.

Latest news

Azerbaijan ready to sign PTA: envoy

Azerbaijan wants to increase economic relations with Pakistan by signing a preferential trade agreement, Ambassador of Azerbaijan Khazar Farhadov said.

CAM-UAE CEPA all set to be finalised in Dubai

The inter-ministerial negotiation teams for the Cambodia-United Arab Emirates Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement are expected to finalise the free trade pact during the third round of the bilateral negotiation to be held this month in Dubai

Senate to resume RCEP deliberations

Farmer groups maintain their opposition against the Regional Comprehensive Economic Cooperation (RCEP) as Senate resumes its deliberations Tuesday, Feb. 7, on the country’s participation in the mega trade deal.