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Caribbean integration and global Europe: Implications of the EPA for the CSME

Caribbean Integration and Global Europe: Implications of the EPA for the CSME

Norman Girvan


This paper critically assesses the compatibility of the CARIFORUM-EC EPA with the
proposed CARICOM Single Market and Economy—CSME.

compatibility issues include development strategy and the role of regional integration,
policy space and governance; and sectoral compatibility issues relate to trade in goods,
services and trade-related issues.

The main conclusion is that the CSME, a project for
the creation/strengthening of the regional economy for engagement with globalisation;
will be superseded by the EPA, which involves a high degree of bilateral integration of
individual Cariforum countries with Europe in trade, investment and regulatory

The paper ends with pointers on how the EPA could be modified to resolve
this dilemma and to increase its effectiveness as an instrument of development and
regional integration.

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 Fuente: Norman Girvan