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Costa Rican Greens slam US-FTA

Costa Rican Greens Slam US-FTA

San Jose, Jul 31 2006 (Prensa Latina)— Some 60 Costa Rican ecologist organizations protested Monday against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Central America and the United States, due to its risk for the environment.

The groups, which announced peaceful demonstrations on Independence Day - September 15, urged regional nations not to ratify the agreement, as its mercantilist vision sees nature as only exploitable raw material.

The FTA will eliminate legal instruments and leave Costa Rica totally defenseless, while the demand for natural resources will grow uncontrollably, corrupting the sources to the point of extinction, they asserted.

Costa Rica is the only country of the Central American signers that has still not ratified the accord, presented to Congress in October 2005.

 source: Prensa Latina