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Cuba warns of FTAA mutations

Prensa Latina, Cuba

Cuba Warns of FTAA Mutations

4 May 2007

Havana, May 4 (Prensa Latina) — The change in name of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) into Free Trade Agreements (FTA) was rejected by Cuban economist, Osvaldo Martinez.

Speaking before 733 delegates and more than 400 personalities invited to the Fifth Hemispheric Meeting against the FTA s and in favor of integration of the peoples, he stated that even with its changes the projects maintain their essence of plunder and domination.

He added that either with Europe or the United States the objective is to "lock 34 nations into a straightjacket of free trade treaties for the profit of transnationals."

The president of the Commission of Economic Affairs of the Cuban Parliament affirmed that after six years of the first event to fight the FTAA, it has proven to be a failure.

He warned of the new masks of this project, now called FTA that the United States has signed with eight countries in the region, such as Canada, Mexico, Chile and Central American nations with the exceptions of Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Martinez emphasized that this hemispheric meeting will also serve as a workshop for reflections and coordination for a world without FTAA or FTA s, without degradation of the environment, for social justice and respect of human dignity..