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NAFTA at 30: The mother of all free trade agreements

As the first free trade agreement in contemporary history, the North American Free Trade Agreement, turns 30, it’s a good time to ask why this particular treaty played such a watershed role in the history of the global regime of trade and investment.

Peoples of Mesoamerica in defence of seeds and maize

This call for the defence of maize and all peasant seeds comes amid increasing pressure to impose the so-called UPOV laws through trade agreements and other neoliberal policies throughout the region.

Free trade frenzy: the hidden costs of South Asia’s economic gamble

As debt pressures rise, South Asia’s economic strategies are increasingly revolving around FTAs. The frenzy, however, is not only reshaping the region’s trade dynamics, but also a wide array of national legal frameworks, from labour rights to agriculture policies.

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Sri Lanka Thailand free trade agreement published

Sri Lanka has published a free trade agreement with Thailand which was negotiated with the aim of getting access for exporters up 85 percent of tariff liberalized over 15 years.

Panama’s reckless gamble with foreign investments

Panama faces arbitration claims arising out of recent measures affecting foreign-owned investments in mining and other sectors, which are worth substantially more than half of its GDP.