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Dominican business criticizes FTAs

Prensa Latina, Cuba

Dominican Business Criticizes FTAs

2 April 2008

Santo Domingo, Apr 2 (Prensa Latina) Dominican businesspeople do not see any advantages on the Free Trade Agreement signed between the Dominican Republic, the US and Central America (CAFTA-DR), said Ignacio Mendez, president of the Dominican Industrials Association.

With the US trade has always been negative, said Mendez in a TV program, in which he showed himself in disagreement with another similar commercial agreement with the Caribbean countries (CARICOM).

Mendez attributed the disadvantages of his country to the lack of competitiveness even with Central America, and he put the usefulness of the recently signed FTA with the European Union.

He included a very poor quality base, lack of competitiveness, and lack of qualified personnel among the disadvantages.

He also mentioned domestic problems such as advanced tax payment to the custom office and low investment.

He showed himself pessimistic on the situation, especially to increase competitiveness, and proposed to elaborate a national plan including improvement of public education.