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Dominican industries say Government’s anti-dumping foot-dragging shameful

Dominican Today, Dominican Republic

Dominican industries say Government’s anti-dumping foot-dragging shameful

11 April 2007

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Industries Association (AIRD) president Manuel Díez said yesterday that the fact that the authorities have yet to create the mechanisms to apply Law 01-02 on Unfair Business Practices is shameful, despite that it was approved more than five years ago.

"Those are the defense mechanisms that we must obtain in the industrial sector," the business leader said.

He said that as the tariffs are eliminated within the framework of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Central America (Dr-Cafta), many companies devoid of legality seek to conduct dumping to takeover markets jeopardizing local companies.

Díez called on the Industry and Commerce Ministry to complete the regulations related to Law 01-02 and affirmed that the industrial sector is going to concentrate on those details in the free trade deal which in his view are of great importance.

The United States, Dominican Republic’s major trading partner in the TLC, has a rigorous antidumping law, precisely to protect their productive sectors.