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Dominican president rejects Honduran accusations

Dominican Today, Santo Domingo

Dominican president rejects Honduran accusations

28 August 2009

Santo Domingo.– President Leonel Fernandez requested the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP) to condemn the coup d’état against Manuel Zelaya and support democracy, and rejected the statements from Honduran businessmen who called his proposal as "dirty and opportunistic."

According to a statement issued by the Presidential Press Department, the Dominican Head of State’s proposal was that the suspension from the Central American Free Trade Agreement with the United States lasts until constitutional order was reestablished in Honduras with the return to power of the ousted leader.

Through the statement Fernandez reiterated that the interest is for the reestablishment of the democracy and not to do business, and ratified that for the constitutional order to be reestablished in Honduras, there should be a temporary suspension of the country as a member of DR-CAFTA and the intra-regional commerce in Central America.

Fernandez also pointed out that the Dominican Republic would not accept any investment currently established in Honduras. "The Dominican Republic does not have any interest in taking advantage of the Honduran investments in textiles for the free zones; our proposal is aimed at guaranteeing the permanence of democracy as a political system for all of Latin America," the Chief Executive made clear.