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Enhanced UK-Switzerland FTA negotiations: Update December 2023

UK Government | 14 December 2023

Enhanced UK-Switzerland FTA negotiations: Update December 2023

The third round of negotiations on a UK-Switzerland enhanced Free Trade Agreement (FTA) took place from 27 November to 14 December.

During the round, which was held virtually, UK officials held technical, text-based discussions with their Swiss counterparts in a number of areas, such as procurement, investment, small-medium enterprises, sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures and animal welfare.

UK negotiators were able to make significant progress and agree draft treaty text across a number of areas. There were good discussions on services and investment, where the UK is working with the Swiss to provide long-term certainty and greater market access for UK-Swiss service suppliers, boosting bilateral trade in this area worth £23.7 billion.

In other chapters, negotiators used this round to greater explore differences to approaches and consider ways to address them, while delivering against negotiation objectives.

Overall, these discussions reflect the UK and Switzerland’s shared ambition to agree a modern, comprehensive agreement, building on the current UK-Swiss trade relationship.

Conversations are set to continue into round four, scheduled for spring 2024, where the UK side expects to continue productive discussions. The Government will make its next statement on progress following the fourth round.

His Majesty’s Government remains clear that any deal we sign will be in the best interests of the British people and the UK economy. Any organisations or individuals interested in speaking to the Department for Business and Trade about negotiations with Switzerland should do so by emailing

 source: UK Government