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EP member calls for EU to sign FTA with Taiwan

Radio Taiwan International | 11/20/2010

EP member calls for EU to sign FTA with Taiwan

A senior member of the European Parliament is calling for the parliament to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with its fourth largest Asian trading partner Taiwan. Astrid Lulling was speaking in light of the recent signing of an FTA between the European Union and South Korea.

A recent report in the Parliament Magazine said that Lulling was calling for the EU to sign more FTAs with Asian countries and that Taiwan should be the next prospect. Lulling said China could possibly show opposition, but that the EU’s decision should not be affected by China.

Lulling was echoing a statement made by Taiwan’s Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Lin Sheng-chung at a recent trade policy seminar between Asia and the EU in Brussels, Belgium. Lin said at the meeting that now is the time for the EU to seriously consider signing a similar agreement with Taiwan.

Lin said that Taiwan is a close ally of the EU. Lin said signing an FTA will benefit both sides and that the EU would gain a reliable and important working partner.

 source: RTI