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Taiwan outlines CPTPP accession plan for 2024 ’window of opportunity’
A senior Taiwanese diplomat told lawmakers that 2024 offers a "window of opportunity" for Taiwan’s potential accession to a regional trade bloc because Taiwan-friendly Canada will be the rotating chair next year.
Taiwan signs Enhanced Trade Partnership Arrangement with UK
Taiwan has signed an Enhanced Trade Partnership Arrangement with the United Kingdom, paving the way for talks about digital trade, green energy, and investments.
Canada, Taiwan complete talks on bilateral investment deal
Canada and Taiwan have completed talks on a bilateral deal to boost foreign investment and will work to make sure it takes effect promptly, Canadian Trade Minister Mary Ng and Taiwan’s government said.
How the US can enforce an “unenforceable” IPEF
The proposition that the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity will not be enforceable is an illusion.
Taiwan, US commence second-round trade talks
Taiwan and the United States have kicked off their second round of negotiations under a bilateral trade initiative.
Taiwan, Britain to start trade talks
Taiwan and the UK are to begin official-level talks on an Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) in three key areas with the aim of signing a memorandum of understanding.
CPTPP to discuss Taiwan, China joining trade pact
Some member nations support reviewing applications on a first-come-first-served basis, while others say they can be looked at simultaneously
US House approves Taiwan trade deal, demands future oversight
The US House of Representatives voted to approve the first agreement signed under the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade and to require congressional consultation for future negotiations.
Honduras ends FTA with Taiwan after president visits China
Honduras told Taiwan it is ending their bilateral free trade agreement, effective from the end of 2023.
China’s Xi says willing to begin free trade talks with Honduras
Honduras’ President Xiomara Castro is on a six-day official visit to China. She launched diplomatic relations with Beijing after cutting ties with Taiwan. The country is also seeking support from China to mitigate its debt burden.
US-Taiwan relations: New trade deal signed as China tensions rise
It is the first agreement under a framework for talks between Washington and Taipei called the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade.
China’s trade-pact bid ‘impossible’ for Australia to approve while Beijing’s sanctions remain, sources say
Australia is not expected to support the accession of China and Taiwan to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership amid ’geopolitical baggage’.
US, Taiwan agree to lift trade, clouding planned China talks
The Taiwan initiative isn’t a formal free-trade agreement and doesn’t address thorny issues such as tariffs, but it’s part of a broader drive to deepen trade ties amid heightened tensions with Beijing
Taiwan to suspend free trade agreement with El Salvador
Taiwan will suspend implementation of a free trade agreement with El Salvador from May 15, following the former Central American diplomatic ally’s decision to repeal the deal.
US-Taiwan trade agreement on schedule: Trade representative
The progress to finalize the U.S.-Taiwan 21st Century Trade Initiative is on schedule though without a definitive signing date.
Taiwan, Canada to launch FIPA investment agreement talks
Taiwan and Canada are likely to start the first round of talks about a Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) in Taiwan within two weeks.
Taiwan calls on Britain to support its bid for Pacific trade pact
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen called on Britain to support its bid to join a major pan-Pacific free trade pact which London has also applied to enter.
EU tells Taiwan to forget about a bilateral investment pact even as bloc seeks more chips
Officials say deal unnecessary because ‘stable conditions for investors do exist in Taiwan’ amid reluctance behind scenes to anger Beijing.
Signing of US-Taiwan trade pact to be foundation for future full-scale BIA: Source
Taiwan and the United States will be signing an agreement under a trade initiative "in the coming weeks" that would pave the way for a full-scale bilateral trade agreement should Washington wish to explore that option.
Canada, Taiwan to begin formal talks to spur foreign investments
The talks about a so-called "Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Arrangement" aligns with Canada’s plan to increase trade and influence in the fast-growing Indo-Pacific region.