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China and El Salvador begin negotiations for a free trade agreement
The Chinese and Salvadoran authorities announced that they have begun negotiations to achieve a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries "as soon as possible".
Taiwan aims for British trade deal as minister meets president
Taiwan hopes to sign a trade deal with the UK, and that Britain will support Taiwan’s membership of the trade group, President Tsai said.
US-Taiwan trade talks to conclude
The United States and Taiwan will conclude trade talks under the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade in New York.
President Tsai calls for bilateral investment deal with the UK
Taiwan hopes it can work with the United Kingdom on signing a bilateral investment deal, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) told a visiting British minister in a meeting in Taipei.
China lashes out at UK over trade talks in Taiwan
China has lashed out at the UK for sending trade minister Greg Hands to talks in Taiwan, insisting that “official contacts” with the self-governing island republic must cease.
Taiwan, US to hold in person trade talks next week
Taiwan and the United States will hold in-person trade talks next week in New York under a new joint initiative announced in June, the US and Taiwanese governments said, a program opposed by China, which views the island as its own territory.
Taiwan appeals for EU trade deal
The restructuring of global supply chains and transformation of our economies bring enormous potential for closer, mutually beneficial cooperation between Taiwan and the EU, President Tsai Ing-wen said.
Chip giant Taiwan appeals for EU trade deal, sees ’enormous potential’
Taiwan’s government officials touted its leading position in the chip sector on Tuesday while appealing to the European Union to start talks for a trade deal, which Taipei has long sought.
Taiwan, US hope to come up with ’early harvest’ list on trade deal by year-end
Taiwan hopes to reach consensus with the United States to come up with an "early harvest list" on a bilateral trade deal before the end of this year, the nation’s deputy trade negotiator said.
India, Taiwan should finalise FTA as soon as possible: Taiwanese envoy
India and Taiwan should finalise the proposed free trade agreement at the earliest as it will remove all barriers to trade and investment and help create a secure and resilient supply chain, Taipei’s de-facto Ambassador said.
Taiwan should abolish the ECFA
With China threatening waves of economic sanctions, whether to continue with the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement or abolish it has once more become the subject of debate.
Taiwan-US trade deal talks to start soon: John Deng
The Taiwan and US will hopefully reach an agreement before an APEC summit in the US late next year, Taiwan’s chief trade negotiator said.
Taiwan, US to talk trade within days
The two sides would focus their negotiations on 11 areas, including trade facilitation, regulatory practices, standards, state-owned enterprises, nonmarket policies and practices, and countering corruption.
Taiwan appeals to US not to forget its desire for free trade deal
Taiwan’s top trade negotiator appealed to the United States not to forget that the island wants a free trade deal, but understands this will not happen immediately and is willing to make other agreements first as "building blocks".
Taiwan and US to launch trade talks
Taiwan and the US announced that they would commence negotiations on a new trade agreement, signaling a breakthrough after Taiwan was excluded from a US-led regional trade framework.
Taiwan tells EU it will continue to be ’trusted’ chip partner
Semiconductor-powerhouse Taiwan held high-level trade talks with the European Union.
Taipei, US plan trade talks: sources
The talks came after the US announced that Taiwan would not be a part of its IPEF, after some of the participants said they feared retribution from Beijing
EU to upgrade trade ties with Taiwan as China warns Brussels ‘not to gamble on this issue’
The European Union will upgrade its trade and investment relations with Taiwan, as it looks to tap into Taipei’s “role as a hi-tech leader”, having earlier ditched the plan to avoid angering China.
Taiwan passes CPTPP-compliant intellectual property amendments
The new legal framework for intellectual property rights will meet the standards set out in the CPTPP free trade agreement, and is expected to help in the country’s negotiations to join the 11-member trade bloc.
Parliamentary committee recommends that UK and Taiwan should join the CPTPP, but not China
Australian trade committee recommends that Australia support the applications of the UK and Taiwan, but places conditions on support for China’s accession.